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Hello everyone!

I’m Annie and I love everything beauty, makeup and fashion related!

Yeah! I know! Big surprise there!… Not!… 

Long story short… Since I’ve been following some amazing blogs I felt inspired by how creative and beautiful this can be… So today it finally happened! After a few good weeks of seriously thinking it through, and a lot encouragement from friends I’ve decided to take my chance on this huge blogging world! So – I guess – that makes me a beauty blogger now… right?!

Well… Some of you may already know me from Instagram, at least I hope so, and from my posts there I think you guessed what this blog is going to be about… To those who stopped by for the first time a big hello and thank you for being here!

But I want to tell you what to expect from my blog next. First of all I’m a woman! That means I love lipstick, skincare, shoes and bags… I’m also a creative spirit and an amateur photographer… So, by mixing all those ingredients my Instagram account was born and now this blog, which is going to be my new playground. 

What you have to expect from ANNIE’S BEAUTY… blog: mostly makeup, skincare and hair product reviews. Also other things I like and I want to share with you, as well as the random rant! Told you! I’m a woman! I DO talk a lot!

So if you are interested in all that, please like and follow me!

See you soon beautiful people!

xx, Annie 


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