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HELLO beautiful people!

I put together this post because I wanted to share with all of you this new obsession I  have for Dior as a beauty brand, and especially for their nail polishes. I’ve always had a soft spot for nude nails and how clean and chic they look.

colaj2 – application day 1, daylight

So, after a little research on the good old WWW, a little “help” from some enablers ( you know who you are ) I picked up these two nude colors. DIOR VERNIS in #256 INCOGNITO and DIOR VERNIS in #219 BEIGE SAFARI.

#256 INCOGNITO is a soft nude pink with a slightly hint of grey that applies like a dream. It’s not stripy or gooey at all and the coverage is almost sheer ( you can see it above – left side of the picture, applied twice and in daylight ).

All the nail polishes have a smooth application thanks to the revamp Dior did in 2011 when they redesigned the look of their Vernis line and the brush applicators ( picture above ), abut they also reformulated and renamed some of the permanent colours.

Which brings me to the next favourite, SAFARI BEIGE #219 renamed also when it came out with FALL 2011 BLUE TIE COLLECTION. ( Good Lord, how I want the #908 TUXEDO from that collection. I can’t seem to find it anywhere! 😦 ). Safari Beige used to be called Nude Chic and you may see it like a cool-toned nude with an obvious pink undertone. It has silver micro-shimmers but you can barely see them on the nails. Its consistency is a semi-opaque jelly. It applies sheerly and unevenly on the first coat, which is typical for this formula because the same thing happened when applying Incognito.

colaj3day 8 from application

In terms of durability the Dior website says that “The texture of Dior Vernis relies on an innovative combination of polymers and resins that fuse with the nail, helping it resist chipping. This technical feat results in perfectly lasting color and shine.” And boy! they resist! They don’t chip in large chunks after a day or two. I’d rather say that they fade from the edges of the nail…

They are easily dupeable, I know, but if you want to feel pampered and classy Dior Vernis products are worth the money ( retail price about 24 euros ).

See you soon beautiful!

xx, Annie