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Here I am again with a new review of a skincare item this time.

Everywhere around me I have heard so many beauty experts talking about Asian skincare products. I have to admit that I was jealous of them, because where I live it seems to be another world… Good things happen so late, that I even forget to enjoy most of them. ( Where in the world I’m I from?!… Narnia?! )*

Anyways… One day I came across this site http://www.skin79.ro … BB creams, face creams, eye care, mask sheets… Asian skincare heaven!!! Obviously I wanted everything, so I had to place an order.

photo 3

The second day delivery literally blew my socks away!

But those face masks!!!!!

The first mask I have tried was the Honey Moisture Mask Sheet – the reason I ordered them in the first place. With this cold weather and sharp wind I really needed to put some moisture back into my skin.

On the Skin79 website they describe this mask as an anatomical mask, made of organic cotton, enriched with honey extracts. Prevents skin from drying by creating a protective shield. The olive and sweet almond oils in its composition brighten your complexion and restores it’s energy. As for the hyaluronic acid, it intensively hydrates your skin.

It hasn’t a strong smell. Texture is that of a soft cotton sheet soaked in a gel consistency liquid. It didn’t burn my face like Apivita masks did, which is always a good thing, right? I kept it on for 15 minutes ( recommended 10 – 15 minutes ) and it is so moist that, even after all that time, I still had to pat it on and work it into my skin. One thing I wasn’t too keen on was that it gave me a sensation of cold. 

photo 2

But, when I took the mask off, my face felt refreshed, moisturized, supple and elasticized, sensation that lasted for hours. It also cleared my redness areas a bit and made my pores less visible.

As a conclusion I’m very pleased with my first experience with the infamous Asian sheet mask. The results were visible immediately and I can’t wait to try the rest of the masks I bought ( all 8 of them; there is one more mask I didn’t featured in the picture and was a more luxury one, with snail extract ).

Please share with me your experience with Asian cosmetics! I’m so curious to try new products and I need more recommendations! So, please leave a comment below!

That would be all for now…

See you soon beautiful people!

xx, Annie



TIP: The regular price for a sheet mask is little over 2 euros, but if you order it online they have an offer – you can get a set of 4 masks: 1 x Honey Moisture Mask Sheet – helps moisturize, 1 x Pearl Brightening Mask Sheet – for brightening, 1 x Tea Tree Calming Mask Sheet – for acne-pron skin and 1 x Red Ginseng Repairing Mask Sheet – for firmness for only 6 euros. Yes!!! Just 6! Bar-gain! I tell you!!!

*I also need to explain myself: I DO NOT live in a closet… although I saw a few closets I’d gladly live in.