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First of all HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY beautiful people!

I have been in a healthy kick lately. I exercise more, I’m more careful with WHAT and WHEN I’m eating and I’m drinking more water… Also, I’m trying to use more organic skincare and makeup products and I’ve discovered that even my hair likes better, shampoos without as many sulfates, even if there are less bubbles involved! And you should know that I have this thing for bubbles! They make me happy!

photo 2

In my quest to be healthier I made a lot of research. But I remembered that the simple things work best! “Less is more”, they say… So I remembered I liked a page on Facebook that proposed healthy products: oils, body butters, natural waters enriched with plant extracts… It was TRIO VERDE‘s page.

I wanted some coconut and apricot oils. So I ordered some coconut oil and apricot oil. But on their website, they have a variety of bio oils: argan oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, jojoba and macadamia oils, almond oil and carrot oil with a helpful description for each product – what is it for, how was it made…

photo 3

The package came in 48 hours ( Oh, joy! ) and when I opened it… There they were! My Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and my Apricot Oil.

The coconut oil smelled ah-mazing. The benefits of the coconut oil are well known: rich in saturated fats ( 90% concentration ), lauric acid and vitamin E it is a good antioxidant and prevents premature aging but also helps cure some skin affections like dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other skin infections. It’s a good hair treatment helping it regenerate, grow faster and ads shine to it. Helps with dandruff too.

But the apricot one smelled like a regular oil – this let me down a little. But not for too long because when I applied it on my face and lips, my skin felt so soft and smooth… I loved it! Enriched with vitamins A and E, this oil is found in almost every care product for children. It’s emollient, but not greasy. It has lots of linoleic acids that fight against aging, dryness and skin irritations. 

HOW I used this oils:

COCONUT OIL: I incorporated it in a handmade hair mask. I took one tsp of coconut oil, heated it in the microwave to make it more “liquid” I added one tsp of castor oil ( or Palma Christi – Ricinus Communis ) and one egg yolk, mixed all together and applied it on my dry hair. You, guys, don’t want to see how ridiculous I looked!… After 30 minutes I washed my hair as I usually do and let it air dry by itself… My hair was soft, shiny and easy to brush. And the smell… OH! the smell… If you like coconut scented things like I do, you know what I’m talking about.

APRICOT OIL: I used it as a treatment on my face, at night and also in a scrub I made myself. The scrub was made of a few tsp of grounded coffee, a pinch of sea salt, some olive oil and a lot of apricot oil… Rubbed everything on dump skin, rinsed it all clean and after that my skin didn’t felt dry nor itchy anymore.

I still use this scrub every other day and the hair mask once a week.

The retail price for these oils is 5-6 euros for a 100 ml of coconut oil and 4 euros for 50 of apricot oil. For the apricot oil I found an offer with buy one get one free so I got 100 ml of pure organic cold pressed oil for an infinitesimal price.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with these oils. Please tell me if you used it, and how…

Have fun today with your loved ones!

See you soon!

xx, Annie