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This transitional weather does such significant damage to my skin. Dry patches, red skin and sensitivity to most skincare products. My face feels itchy and at times I have a burning sensation even when I apply thermal water.

This year I found the product that literally saved my skin. It is the L’Occitane’s Serum Fabuleaux / Fabulous Serum, with 5% organic shea butter.

The shea butter that the Provençal company uses comes from fair trade with the women of Burkina Faso. This is the reason why The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has distinguished L’OCCITANE as an exemplary business for its activities in favour of the emacipation of the African producers, who in this case are exclusively women.

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More on this issue you can read on L’Occitane website.

So here is my personal experience…

The L’Occitane Fabulous Serum is a serum with protective proprieties, that regenerates the structure of your skin and it was designed to act as shield against daily aggressions. It also contains hyaluronic acid that “fills” fine lines and reduces them, giving smoothness and elasticity to your complexion.

The serum has a fluid texture that allows a fast absorption. It is suitable to all skin types and it will give you 24h protection and hydration.


I applied it twice a day – morning and night, on cleansed skin before my usual moisturizer ( that happens to be another L’Occitane product and/or pure, cold pressed coconut oil ).

My skin felt as if it received an instantly facelift. It felt hydrated, smooth, bright and the fine lines I had around my eyes and mouth weren’t as obvious… I was left speechless!… On the third day application I already started to notice that some of my  redness and dry patches were gone! No itchy face!… No difficulties in applying foundation!… Everything went almost smooth and easy!

And it was this little product’s “fault”!

The only objection I have is…

foto2… this one.

The product came in a little glass container. And since I have two left hands, apparently, I broke it. But I continued to use it anyway! And considering the effects this serum has on my skin, I can easily get over the packaging!

I got mine in two small size gifts with purchase, but the actual product comes in a 30 ml glass bottle ( be careful with that! ), provided with a pump. The full size bottle is going to be my next L’Occitane purchase.

You can easily buy it on line here, here, here  or directly from the L’Occitane stores, where you will have to pay 45 euros. A good price for a nice, effective serum!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie