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Once a week, on Saturdays usually, I keep the day all for myself and I like to have a SPA session in my own bathroom, to relax and to pamper myself. To get ready for the week that is ahead of me…

It is the only day I like to take long, relaxing baths with oils, salts… just like in a SPA. It is my own, personal SPA at home. So in this post I’m going to show you what I do when I want to get fancy. It is a Luxury SPA option I very much enjoy!

photo 10

So, first of all I like to prepare my bathroom – to make it a bit more SPA-like. And I do that with candles, solid perfume, oils and even with incense paper – my personal favourite. All those scents are complementary and they will create a cosy atmosphere. And let me tell you that my entire house smells ah-mazing! I add some soothing music and some dim light and the decor is ready!

photo 1

Now it is time to take the long-awaited bath. Under the running water I pour some bath oils, I add some bath salts to help me relax and in I go! After a couple of minutes I scrub my whole body with a gentle body scrub then I like to wash my skin with a moisturizing soap, to remove any excess oil from the scrub.

photo 5

After washing myself I use a good body lotion. What I like to do is to apply it on damp skin and work it in, giving my whole body a good relaxing massage at the same time.

I never forget about my hands, since at this time of year they tend to get particularly dry.

Here you have a list of my favourite luxury products I like to use at the moment:

Maison Francis KurkdjianAPOM Incense Paper  ( link )

AmbreRosemary, Thyme and Mint Invigorating Bath Oilreview

AmbreHerbal Garden Body Scrub review

AmbreCosta del Azahar Warming and Moisturizing Soapreview

Diptyque –  Eau Rose Body Veil

DiptyqueEau Rose Hand Cream ( click here for a poetic review )

This is how I treat my body in my own LUXURY improvised SPA, in my own home! And so can you!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie