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I’ve been looking for the perfect pink nail polish for a little while now. Yeah! I’m in a “pink everything” phase, as you can see… Rosy coloured blushes ( hence my previous posts on: Dior Rosy Glow blush, Chanel Rose Initiale blush, my signature lip colour for this season ), pink macaroons, pink nails…


What I wanted to add to my nail polish collection was YSL’s La Laque Couture nail polish, in # 48 Rose Scabiosa released with the Spring 2014 collection ( *click on the link to see the review on this one, from an amazingly talented blogger that I love and always get inspiration from ). Just can’t describe how amazing this nail polish looks. Everyone on Instagram went crazy about it when the collection was released…

But I couldn’t find it anywhere! And believe me! I must have checked every YSL counter in my city…

foto4 – Dior nail polish #349 Rose Boa two coats, daylight

What did I do? I decided to shop my stash instead. I went carefully through all the pink nail polishes I already own and I chose the one that I thought it was close to my ideal pink shade. This was how I rediscovered an old favourite: Dior Nail Polish # 349, Rose Boa or Rose Fanfreluche

It was a limited edition shade, released with the Dior Gris Montagne Spring 2011 Collection as a complementary shade for their top product which was the Dior nail polish #707 Gris Montaigne, from “Gris City” Collection.

foto1  – Dior nail polish #349 Rose Boa, after 6 days

It dries fast and  I also love the milky matte finish it gives to the nails. On the pictures above you can see that applied in two coats it is slightly see-through, which I personally like. But you can add more layers if you want to. The lasting power on this one is as good as the other Dior nail varnishes I own. I took it down after almost a week, when it was still looking decent.

Even though it is slightly different from YLS’s Rose Scabiosa, which has a lot more purple, blue-ish undertones, Rose Boa is the prettiest milky pink colour that you would want to wear in Spring. At least I do…

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie