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Last week I shared with you my own version of a SPA AT HOME – Luxury Products 1 – Body. For that post I chose the high-end products I use and love at the moment. For my SPA session this Sunday I plan to use only products everyone has at home, that are not that expensive and they are healthy and organic. It is going to be a do-it-yourself kind of post that I am sure anyone can do and enjoy.

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For my SPA at home I am going to need some basic ingredients: natural essential oils ( Camomile and Santal Amyris oils ), cold pressed apricot oil, coconut oil ( review here ), olive oil, sea salt, brown sugar, coffee, honey, yogurt, cornflour, barley flakes… You are allowed to use whatever ingredients are good for your skin that you can find in your kitchen.

First of all, same as I did in my previous SPA post, I like to prepare my bathroom. I light some candles, some oils. I fill my bath top with hot water, I add simple sea salt, some oatmeal and I also add a few drops of Camomile and Santal oils. The Camomile Oil ( Anthemis Nobilis ) is a calming and relaxing  pure essential oil which helps reduce  stress and chronic insomnia, muscular tensions, skin allergies, helps healing eczema and scars. The Santal Amyris ( Amyris Balsamifera ) is a pure essential oil that helps decongest the lymphatic and the circulatory systems but it also helps reducing the cellulite. The sea salt helps detox the skin and relax your muscles and the barley flakes can be used to heal skin affections.

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To clean my skin I use a scrub I make myself out of: coffee, sea salt, brown sugar, olive oil, apricot oil and a few drops of camomile oil. I rub my skin gently to remove any dead skin cells then I clean my skin with warm water.

After that I often use a body mask. That is right! You can also use masks for your body not only for your face and neck! We often forget to take deep care of our body’s skin. We don’t exfoliate enough, we don’t give our bodies the moisture it often needs. Me included… But when I do, this is what I use: I mix in a bowl one cup of cornflour, one cup of Greek yogurt and three tablespoons of organic honey from my grandfather’s bees. I apply that mixture all over my body and go on with my routine for another few minutes, then I rinse it off.

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After the scrub and the mask my skin feels so soft and smooth that I don’t even need to apply a body lotion. Nonetheless, I like to apply an oil to be sure my skin feels moisturised for a long time. And for that I use cold pressed coconut oil, that I gently massage into my skin insisting on my very dry areas: elbows, knees, hands and feet.

I usually prepare enough scrub and body mask for a one-time-usage. But sometimes I happen to do more, so whatever is left I like to keep it in a dark colored glass jar with a lid that seals the recipient for safe keeping. I am careful not to keep the product too long though because since it is made out of natural ingredients without preservatives, it can easily go bad.

This is my SPA at home affordable DIY version. I like natural ingredients and I like mixing them.

But tell me, do you like such natural remedies? Do you use any of these? Please share with us some of your “recipes”!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie