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I was actually invited to do this tag in a comment by the lovely Libby, the woman behind Splishsplasch. Her blog is one of my favourites from this platform. That is why you, my beautiful readers, should go and follow her amazing blog and show her some love, because she is that good!

So… THE questions…

1. How many lipsticks do you own?

Well… This is not going to be a great start for this tag… Because whatever makeup product I do not use or I bought on impulse ( which happens all the time ) and ended up not liking it, I pass it on to my mom or my friends. So, since I already did my Spring cleaning my lipstick collection has been reduced to a “few” essentials ( 35-ish!?! ). Lip glosses, stains and lip care products are included.

2. What was the first lipstick you owned?

Oh my!… Sweet memories! It was my junior year in high school… And the lipstick was a nude Oriflame one. But I can’t remember what it was called nor the number of it! What I clearly remember is that I unsuccessfully tried to hide it from my mom and dad.

3. What is your favourite lipstick brand?

It has to be Dior! I used to adore Chanel lip products but quite a while ago I was converted to Dior lipsticks, so here I am…

4. What is your most worn lipstick?

Ever? Or at the moment?

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If ever, my most worn lipstick is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #48 Evasion, I have whole post dedicated to them here. But right now I simply can’t get enough of  Rouge Dior Lipstick #744 Allégresse ( click here to see me rave about it ).

5. What is your favourite finish?

I like my lipsticks to be creamy with a little bit of sheerness to it. I don’t like them to have that gloss shine or that iridescence which would make me look old and serious. I also like the formulation of the mattes line from Chanel, the Rouge Allures, although I find them a little bit drying.

 6. What was the last lipstick you bought?

My last buy was the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color in #44 La Diva ( reviewed here ), which I find to be a good matte version of my favourite lipstick of the moment.

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?

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I have a quite small everyday bag, for obvious reasons, but the amount of lip products that I manage to fit in there is scary… Hence the photo!!!

8. What is your favourite red lip colour?

photo 1

This one is easy! Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick #999 and the discontinued Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in #75 Dragon, which sadly I do not own.

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

The storage systems from Ikea do all the hard work for me.

10. Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after?

Anything Tom Ford and some Burberry… But in a month or so I’m going to Milan on a work trip… and BOY! I’m I going to do some damage?!!!… credit card gasps terrified inside my purse

I tag everyone to do this but especially you ladies: the lovely Cristina from a casual beauty, the beautiful Anne Louise from Powder and Puff and the sweet Antonia from caffeconlatte! Give us some inside details about your lipstick collections! If you already did it leave a link to that post in the comment section.

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie