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There is no secret in how much I love By Terry products ( link posts here, here and here ). So you can imagine my excitement when I entered their website last night looking for some random info. And the info I got was beyond my expectations!


This month By Terry launched the new Summer 2014 Collection, called suggestively French Riviera. Now what else would that name make you think of but hot summer days on a yacht “sur la Côte d’Azur”?!

The By Terry makeup is always very innovative and with each collection they bring out new products or improve the existing ones by reformulating them. This time they came with a new theme: watercolour stains. On the website, Terry de Gunzburg says about her latest release that the formulations are 100% water, 100% care and 100% colour and they came to life thanks to the “visionary waters” extracted from the best fruits. The products are stimulating and protective, revitalizing or replumping. Then thanks to the “know-how” of the By Terry Laboratories these products will borrow to your skin their own “virtues” giving a sublime, untouchable glow to it.

The Collection contains four major products:


Aqua Print Eyeshadow Aqua Stain Eyeshadow Anti-Free Radical Colour and Treatment an 100% treatment waterproof pen eyeshadow, which intensifies the eye contour definition and colours the eyelids with magnetic and vibrant shades, for a 16h hold  and smudge-proof.

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Tint to Lip Water Colour Lipstain Kiss Proof Double Glow an 100% treatment aqua lip tint in a syrup-like texture. A biphased formula for a result of a tattoo finish. No transfer and no heaviness.


TEA to TAN Water Colour Bronzer Instant Double Glow an Aqua Bronzer formulated with Native Active Water from a few types of tea. Gives a watercolour effect, without transfer, budge, smudge and without self-tanning agent.



Cheek to Cheek Water Color Blush Sheer Stain Double Glow is a new syrup blusher with pure Cherry water, a versatile pomegranate shade, a “red berry sheer” texture for flirty cheeks and an energized healthy glow.

The product I am the most intrigued by and intent to purchase is the TEA to TAN Water colour Bronzer Instant Double Glow. It is something I have never seen or tried before.

More reasons for me to wait impatiently for By Terry’s French Riviera 2014 Collection to land in Madison Perfumery Bucharest.

For now the products are available for purchase online, on By Terry’s website and in some selected Sephora Shops like the one from Champs-Élysées in Paris, France.

The products have a retail price between 27 and 42 .

Happy shopping spree and see you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie