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This is my very first favourites post. That’s why I’m trying to be a bit more organized than usual – and not to write only with my heart, and classify my items according to how much I used them and how much I liked them. So…

photo 4

1. I will start with my absolute, absolute favourite this month: RancéRose de Rose Eau de Parfum Très Riche – a perfume of which I got a free sample in January ( post here ) and started to wear constantly at the begining of March, when I bought the full size bottle. *Constantly really means every single day.

2. Makeup. In terms of makeup March was dominated by this one lipstick that, if you follow my blog there will be no surprise… It is the Dior Rouge Dior from the Trianon Spring 2014 Collection, in #744 Allégresse and not another  single word about that. You can read posts here, here and here, instead.

photo 3

3. Skin care. This moth and a half I had the chance to try the new Diptyque skincare range which, I must admit, is pretty amazing. Another favourite was the Ambre Luxurious Oils Blend Vitamins & Fatty Acids Rich Face Serum read blog post here ). And to moisturize my body I used the Diptyque Eau Rose body lotion and hand cream most of the time.

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4. Hair care: the natural products by Rampal Latour ( read post here ) and lots of DIY – but the star of the show is the coconut oil.

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5. Fashion: flowy materials in pastel colours: H&M skirt and these Il Passo shoes you can buy here.

6. Random: blogging like crazy, my home scents by Maison Francis Kurkdjian and my latest little finding I absolutely adore – my gracious Cup&Candle lilac scented candle in a cup ( read post here ).

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See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie