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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a good time!

Therefore I would like to use this opportunity to thank WordPress and you bloggers for the love and support you have shown me since day one. Two months ago when I published my first post I had no idea there was such a beautiful community full with amazing people who share common interests and pleasures. Thank you for keeping me writing about what I love, for your huge support and patience!

A big thank you to Harsh Reality the first blogger who followed me! Thank you OM! ( Follow him guys! )

Then a special thank you to all the girls who support my passion everyday. The beauty bloggers: Libby from SplishSplasch and V from sayhellotogorgeous always an inspiration. The talkerblogger,  the blushnglow blog, Else from elseaesthete, acasualbeauty, beautybydaniieb, Antonia from caffeconlatte, Judy from judyandmakeup… Thank you for all the comments, suggestions, likes, shares, views, follows… You and your blog posts always inspire me… and my purchases!!! Hehe!…

Then there are the talented writer Susanne from THE DEAD GAME by Susane Leist and the amazing photography blog Emerald Wake. It is always a pleasure to read your posts!

And now that my little Oscar-like speech is over…

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie