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Dior Sérum de Rouge is described as an elixir of youth for your lips with a beautiful radiance. An alliance between skincare and color benefits.

It comes in the shape of a feminine high-precision clicky pen design and it is excellent for an impeccable application, used for treatment and color results at the same time.

photo 4

The palette of elegant, vivid shades instantly illuminates the lips with youthfulness. The colours are translucent and rich but not deeply pigmented. It is very hydrating, smooth and has a decent color payoff. It feels like a balm, and I do need to reapply after a meal.

I only have three shades: #560 Radiant Pink Serum, #760 Raspberry Serum and #855 Carmine Crystal.

#560 Radiant Pink Serumis a semi-opaque medium rose pink. It’s not too milky, it’s not too bright and it doesn’t appear too bold on my lips. It just colours them in a nice natural, soft pink with bonus a natural sheen.

#760 Raspberry Serum – is a darkened, raspberry pink with reddish undertones. It has very fine, discreet shimmer particles you can only see on a close up. I would have expected a darker transfer on my lips but I guess it is the fault of the excessive creaminess of the product.

#855 Carmine Crystal – is the closest to an actual red shade, which is the reason I even bought it. Again, I would’ve wanted a more pigmented transfer on my lips… I already had the other two and felt that my collection was incomplete. Not anymore!

photo 3

The formula has 10 times more concentrated skincare ingredients, provides moisture, volume and smoothing benefits for your lips, immediately upon application, and day after day. A non-sticky, sheer, non-scented formula that plumps up lips and gives them smooth, natural transclucent color. It is light, delicate, and glows from within.

photo 1 – swatches of #560 Radiant Pink Serum, #855 Carmine Crystal  #760 Raspberry Serum, in direct sunlight.

The only downside to these products is their lasting power.

Fair warning!

They DO NOT last too long – under two hours from application… On my lips, at least. I really need to reapply the product too often for my taste.

How to use it: For optimal use, turn the pen with a single click then apply on the lips to obtain the perfect look.

What do you think about these Dior Rouge Serums? Have you tried them?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie