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Here you have part two of the SPA AT HOME mini-series which is entirely dedicated to how I take care of my face. For the other two SPA AT HOME – Body posts, click here and here.

This is going to be my luxury approach and it will be followed by a DIY post featuring natural and affordable products.

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It is my skincare routine at the moment, if you like, since I really wanted to write a blog post about what products I use on a daily basis to take care of my skin, but I always seemed to postpone it without any decent reason.

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These are the steps:

First I double cleanse my face with the Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm which is a beautiful and easy-to-use cleansing balm. I have a review on it here if you want to read more in depth about it. I use it with plain water but I also use it combined with the next product from my skincare list:  the Diptyque Infused Facial Water. And to remove it I use a muslin cloth. The smell of the products combined with the hot water give me a sensation of relaxation and make me think of a sunny holiday in Bali.

For a deep cleaning I use the Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder for Face an innovative exfoliating product which leaves my skin clean and glowy.

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After washing my face with the cleansing balm and using the radiance powder as a gentle exfoliant, I use the Diptyque Infused Facial Water on a cotton pad as a toner to calm and soothe any irritation. I use gentle patting motions all over my face and I bring it down to my neck too.

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The next step is hydration. To hydrate my skin I use two amazing products the Ambre Luxurious Oils Blend Vitamins & Fatty Acids Rich Face Serum a lightweight face oil/serum which is suitable for daytime and for nighttime as well. I reviewed it a while ago ( click here to read ). It absorbs so fast into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. On top of that I use a cream. My current daily moisturizer is the Yon-Ka Age Defense Anti-Oxidant Anti Pollution Day Cream, a natural anti-aging product which acts as a barrier between your skin and the pollutant agents in the atmosphere.

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Another step is to take care of my eyes. To clear them I use Visine drops. I have photo sensitive eyes so it is easier to get THOSE(!) fine lines… Since I ran out of my Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum, I went through my stash and found this long loved but forgotten Melvita Argan Oil and Rose Hip Oil Targeted Roll-on for Wrinkles and started using it again. What I like to do is to apply it on my eye area straight from the fridge, where I keep it. Like this the coldness of the roller ball helps the oil penetrate easier into the skin. And since this is my absolute pamper day, I take my time and apply another layer of the Melvita Eye Oil and put on a Cooling Eye Mask ( The Body Shop ). I wait 10 to 15 minutes then I take off the mask, and gently massage in whatever is left of the product.

Cooling eye masks might not be everyone’s cup of cake but I know that for me they are since they help me a lot with dark circles, wrinkles, making easier to achieve the minimal/natural makeup I like to wear during the days I have to go to work.

The last ones I’m taking care of are my lips. I don’t have the driest, flaky lips ever. So the scrubbing step it is not a necessity. I only like to use a good lip balm, or a lip oil. I absolutely love my By Terry Baume de Rose but right now I can’t apart from my Dior Lipglow. I love the rosy tint it gives my lips and makes them look plumped, natural and very moisturized.

That is it!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie