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Me and the ESCENTRIC MOLECULES – MOLECULE 01 had the pleasure of being together for almost four years. I was lucky enough to be in London when the perfume was launched. It happened in 2010 at Harvey Nichols. Ever since, the brand has been on an ascensive lane, and the popularity of this unique perfume can be easily observed all-over the Internet world.


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I bought it blindly being intrigued only by the innovative concept of it. It is a one ingredient perfume which reacts with the PH of your body releasing a pheromone specific to the person who wears it. How intriguing is that!?

The perfume is described as woody but in reaction with my skin it pulls out a bit vanillary, which I was really hoping to happen. The one ingredient in it is called ISO E SUPER – an ingredient which is supposed to have a magnetic olfactory impact on people around you close to the effect of pheromones. And it might actually work because I always get compliments when I wear it… from men and women, both!

It is known as the most sexy perfume in the world and stars like Kate Moss, Elton John and Dita Von Teese chose to be irresistible by using it.

The packaging of the product comes to complete the impact of the perfume visually, and to realize a “seductive contrast between lights and reflections”.

I use it a lot by itself and I always make sure I have my Travalo perfume atomizer filled with it, somewhere inside my purse. I also like to layer it under softer, floral perfumes to give them some deepness and body.

It is currently available online on Cult Beauty, at Barneys NY, Beautik Haute Parfumerie in two more different scents: a MOLECULE 02 and a MOLECULE 03, one fresher and one earthier scented.

What is your favourite perfume?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie