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I have to admit that I have been a bit of a skincare fanatic these days. As I do my research for my posts, I daily stumble across more and more products, which appeal to me more that they used to.

The Ambre products are more on the natural ( 100% raw plant source ) side of the skincare items, and I was so intrigued to try them that I ordered almost the entire range. I already have a blog post fully dedicated to the brand, with a review for an amazing face oil here and a post on how I use them to pamper myself, here. So I won’t insist with all the details.

I will only add the fact that this London based mini factory uses only raw, pure, natural ingredients to create skin care products that will be your favourites, in your skincare routine.

And here are my body products…

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The Ambre Costa del Azahar Warming and Moisturizing Soap. The story behind this soap begins in the orange orchards from Costa del Ahazar, in Spain. To bring to your bathroom the warm and vibrant notes of the region, saffron petals have been mixed with orange zest, they added cloves and as a finish touch, to invigorate the product they mixed in essential oils of ginger and orange. It is the most dense soap I have ever used. It goes on the skin more as a cream… No! A body butter! Yes, the best description would be: a body butter in a shape of a soap. It doesn’t lather as much, but I came to like this particularity on natural cleaning products with no sulfates.

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The Ambre Raw Sugar and Garden Plants Herbal Garden Body Scrub. This body scrub made of botanical ingredients has been created to take extra care of your sensitive skin. This ground-breaking formula contains raw sugar and a refreshing mélange of eucalyptus, basil and sage, in an emollient base of apricot kernels and saffron oil, which will efficiently hydrate your skin during the exfoliation process. The granulation of the raw sugar is so fine and it will give you the most gentle and careful exfoliation you have ever experienced.

The body scrub and the soap as well have a herbaly scent with the high notes of the dominating herbs and oils used in the mixture.

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The last product I have here is Ambre Rosemary, Thyme and Mint Invigorating Herbal Bath Oil. This is a bath oil which with a mixture of refreshing, pure natural oils promises you to bring the SPA to your own bathroom. It has important therapeutical properties, given by rosemary, mint and thyme essential oils. They will help relieve stress and fatigue and relax your body muscles as well. Plus, the saffron oil and the macadamia oil nourish your skin, leaving it supple and perfectly hydrated.

All Ambre products are suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin included.

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie







– all Ambre products DO NOT contain water, so NO CHEMICALS. The product you use is in its purest form.