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I finally bit the bullet and purchased two Zoeva brushes; mainly because I am a brush fanatic, although I do not have the ultimate skill to use them like a pro. I’m trying… I promise!

Then, everyone on the beauty internet community ( …and their mothers ) seem to have at least one Zoeva brush, and some even came out with with “atrocious” statements like: “The Zoeva blending brush is better than MAC’s 217!” *insert choir of voices in awe*. I know, I know!… Mixed opinions, gotta respect each and every one…

So I kinda HAD to have one of those amazing brushes! So I went on the Zoeva website and oredered… not one, but two of their best sellers. You know, to test them and see if they are as good as everyone ( …and their mothers, of course! ) rave about.

And with all the ramble above, I even forgot to tell you what I bought…

photo 2

I initially wanted to buy the Rose Gold Luxury Set, but it was out of stock. So, my second best choice was the 105 Luxe Highlight described as a luxurious highlighter brush with a natural-synthetic hair blend, free of dye ( +points from me there ). It is a soft and silky, yet sturdy brush, which comes with a flame-shaped head to instantly create light-reflecting results, with a minimal effort. Translation: for lazy, non professionals like myself to apply highlighters with only two swipes. Be careful with how much highlighter you pack on your brush! It will all go on your face! Not brush’s fault though! Remember! A little goes a long way!


Then it was THE brush! MAC’s rival! The one and only 221 Luxe Soft Crease. It is described as a superior blending brush with a curved head made of the finest natural-synthetic hair mix and, again, free of dye. This tool blends your eyeshadow to pefection, to create ombre effects for your eyes.

zoeva-shop.de is an Europe based online shop so the shipping was fast, but beside that the service was also impeccable. Beautifully packaged items, each in its own pouch, sleek black wrapping paper… 

All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase. I really can see the hype around the brand! A pretty new addition to my brush collection.

photo 4 – some of my favourite blending brushes at the moment: the Zoeva 221… aaand part of the avant-garde of my samurai army – my Hakuhodo ( review here ) brushes

Do you have any Zoeva brushes? Do you like them?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie