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Usually I am not a big lip gloss wearer. But passed the Spring and with the installment of the hot, bright Summer days, I suddenly feel the urge for a bright, glossy lip. It is the sign I am waiting to bring out ( from the depths of my makeup collection drawers ) the few lip glosses I own.

I bought the Burberry Lip Glow #19 Mallow Pink Natural Lip Gloss last summer, in Milan ( yes, I refer a lot to Milan and my trips there – work related or not, because it is my second home! ), together with the Burberry Lip Definer in #02 Dusty Rose. Initially the Burberry makeup artist from La Rinascente paired another lip gloss with this lip liner, a more neutral one. But I thought “It’s summer! I want a brighter lip!” so she suggested the #19. I was sold, obviously!

The gloss is not sticky, made of light oils and spherical powders which give fluidity and comfort to your lips. The fine lines are filled from within and the lips are naturally plumped, thanks to an innovative Ceramide complex which recreates the intercellular cement in your lips. The hydrating formula keeps the lips replenished, moisturized, giving a fresh hint of colour. It is so easy to apply and easy to wear, amazing on the lips on any occasion!


The Burberry Lip Definer in #02 Dusty Rose is a soft and smooth lip liner which adds natural looking definition to the lips, effortlessly enhancing their shape and colour. On their website, Burberry say that the lip definer is: “formulated using natural nourishing oils and amino acid derivatives, the pencils add firmness to the lip contour and smooth fine lines” that explains the effortless application – the texture being not too hard, nor too creamy for the product to wore out too fast or to be difficult to apply. And it doesn’t dry out the way some other lip liners I had, did. Keep in mind I bought it almost an year ago!

It is almost the exact shade of my lips and it is so easy for me to use it with many other lipsticks from my collection!

But together the Burberry Lip Definer in #02 Dusty Rose and the Lip Glow in #19 Mallow Pink create, in my opinion, the perfect combination to wear during the hot Summer days!


What lip colour/combo do you wear during the Summer?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie