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Yon-Ka Paris is a French brand, born in 1954 in the Multaler Laboratories, a pioneer and leader in the aromatherapy fields. They offer a large selection of skincare for face, body and sun protection, for both men and women, imagined and developed by a family driven by a passion for botanicals.

Pioneers in essential oils therapy, in phytotherapy, phytembryotherapy ( the therapy using vegetal buds ), they apply all this knowledge to create a skincare range to cure various problems with natural ingredients.


Available exclusively in luxury SPAs, the brand Yon-Ka benefits of 60 years dedicated to beauty and relaxation through plants and essential oils.

The Yon-Ka Vital Defense is a daily moisturizer which claims to fight against harmful environment factors, which are the main cause of the “oxidative stress”*, such as: pollution, smoking, UV exposure and climatological variations. This cream smells amazing and it is really hydrating. And it also contains plant extracts, which are meant to preserve the freshness of your skin.

By using this cream, your skin would recover fast its radiance, smoothness, subtle texture and vitality. And it will feel plumped and hydrated during the day. I don’t think it is a magic worker but I highly recommend it as a makeup base!

It contains active ingredients, such as: moringa peptides, organic myrtle, coenzyme Q10, serina ( a natural extract from a dark-skinned variety of grape used to obtain red wine, in Austria ), santal wood extract, barley, sweet orange and mandarin oils, magnolia extracts and vitamin E, C and A.

Have you tried any Yon-Ka products?

See you soon, beautiful!
xx, Annie


The name Yon-Ka is made of these two syllable which tell a beautiful story: YON is the river with cleansing waters and at the same time is a corespondent to the positive energetic particle, the ION. And Ka, the concept meaning the eternity in every living creature ( Ancient Egipt ).

The name Yon-Ka reunites two ideas that might seem different at first sight: knowledge and mystery, nature and science, movement and pause, light and darkness.

* The Oxidative stress reflects an imbalance between the systemic manifestation of reactive oxygen species and a biological system’s ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage. Disturbances in the normal redox state of cells can cause toxic effects through the production of peroxides and free radicals that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids, and DNA. Further, some reactive oxidative species act as cellular messengers in redox signaling. Thus, oxidative stress can cause disruptions in normal mechanisms of cellular signaling. ( source: Wikipedia )