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I really could not continue the Summer 2014 Series without talking about other products I love to use to achieve the healthy glowing tan I very much like.

I have been dying to write a proper review about the “infamous” By Terry Tea To Tan Water Colour Bronzer Instant Double Glow. I already talked about it a bit when I blogged its launch, in April ( see post here ).

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It is an aqua based product formulated with Native Active Water from tea which goes on transparent on the skin. It contains Red Teas and Black Teas and Native Water of Organic Cherry with anti-oxidants, detoxifying and revitalizing properties and Correcting micro-prisms, and coloured powders which will totally be guilty of your bronzed, glowing look.

It comes in one shade #01 Bronze Bay. What an inspired name! Because by using this product your complexion will be imprinted with a veil of nude sun kissed colour.

Its texture is also revolutionary: “100% water with a bi-phased formula”. To customize the application you need to shake the bottle before use, to evenly mix the fine pearlescent particles with the tea water base.

It comes in an elegant glass bottle provided with a glass dropper I have never seen on another product. To open the it  you have to twist off the cap until the dispenser pops up, then a few more twists and you can use the product.

photo 3

One more thing I have noticed is that it never turns dead orange on me, no matter how much I apply. And it lasts all day long! Hopefully you can notice the shimmering particles glistening in the sun. Don’t be afraid it won’t translate like that onto the skin, but in the form of a pigmented, diaphane veil.

It also dries down matte, so no need to worry about it fading or transfer on your clothes!

I find the best way to apply it is by tapping it with my fingertips over foundation in areas where I want the bronzed look, then blend it really well with my Tom Ford foundation brush.

It will work on any skin colour/undertone, the key being to apply in thin layers and to blend very well.

Good for face and body!

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The second bronzing product is the new Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Made-to-Measure Self Tan. With this innovative, product you only need to add 3 drops to your day and/or night moisturizer, wait for it to work its magic and it will warm up your complexion with a sun-kissed glow.

It comes out transparent and it must be used combined with a moisturizer, and never alone. By reapplying it for several days it allows you to develop the tan to the intensity you want it.

It does not transfer onto your clothes or bed sheets! One thing you have to make sure you always do: wash your hands thoroughly immediately after every application if you don’t want them to look awkwardly tanned!

Also good to use for face and body!

Well? What do you think about this two alternatives to classic bronzers? Don’t they look scary? Haha!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie