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To maintain your skin looking healthy during the summer heat it is very important to keep yourself hydrated.

To do so you need to drink a lot of water have balanced meals with lots of vegetables and light meat and to eat more fresh fruits.

But you can also help your hydration process from outside by using face mists, face waters or thermal waters.

Here you have a few of my favourites!

photo 1

From L’Occitane the Verveine Fresh Summer Mist is a face mist enriched with organic verbena  extract. It comes in a spray tube which you have to keep at a few cetimeters away from your face when you spitz it, to get the mist evenly on your face. The oil-free mist is very fine, and the verbena extract has a refreshing citrusy scent. After applying it, you instantly feel more comfortable and refreshed.

My next pick is another L’Occitane one, the Hydra Vital Face Mist à L’Eau d’Angelique Bio. It instantly refreshes and hydrates your skin. You can use it in the city, while traveling, at the beach or after exercise. It is a perfect step in your skin care routine or to achieve a long-lasting makeup finish.


The next one is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist a refreshing and calming rose water which originally comes in a luxurious glass bottle. Here I have the 30 ml, travel-sized one. I have a complete review about this and a few other Omorovicza best sellers here.


Another favourite of mine is the Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water. This is a hydrating and regenerating face water certified organic and with ingredients coming exclusively from fair trade. This floral water is obtained by steam distilation of fresh Rosa Damascena petals which makes it rich in active ingredients. It has a fresh, delicate rose scent and helps hydrate and regenerate the skin.

You can use it as a toner, for that cleansing step in your skincare routine. Highly tolerable, extremely beneficial for sensitive skins.

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Next we have the Caudalie Grape Water and the most infamous in the beauty world, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

The Caudalie Grape Water comes in a spray can. It is a moisturizing, smoothing and refreshing water made of 100% organic grape extracts. It is preservative-free, fragrance-free. The mist is so fine and it has to be left to dry on its own and not to be rubbed onto the face after spraying.

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir, on the other hand is a more complex product. I am not going to give you too many details on this particular one, as I am sure you all used it or at least heard of it. It is a mixture of natural oils ( Grape, Orange blossom, Rose, Balm mint, Rosemary ) meant to help you achieve a smoother, glowing complexion. You can use it as a toner, to set your makeup with it or simply to refresh your face.

All Caudalie products are made of natural ingredients and they are cruelty-free.

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The next two items are 100% natural. They are the Trio Verde Mint Water and Melissa Water. The Mint Water is calming and soothing and helps refresh your tired complexion. The Melissa Water calms and refreshes all skin types: the sensitive skin receives gentle and calming care and the mature skin receives hydration and smoothness.

They are good to use for face, body and hair and to remove makeup.

More on Trio Verde products on my previous posts here and here.


Last but not least, good to hydrate your skin during the hot summer heat is the good, old thermal water. The one I particularly love at the moment is the Uriage Eau Thermale d’Uriage an hypoallergenic formula excellent for sensitive skin which hydrates, soothes and it has an anti-free radicals action ( = prevents aging ), and an anti-inflammatory action. It is the thermal water with the highest concentration of minerals. It is also fragrance-free and easy to carry in your handbag. To use whenever you need a refresh!

These were my favourite face waters/mists to use during the summer to hydrate my skin! What are yours?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie