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Now, let’s get real! I do not do fashion on this blog! Don’t get me wrong! I do love clothes… and bags… and shoes… But I am not at that level where to be interested in combining them so effortlessly the way so many talented fashion bloggers already do it so well! Many are still trying though Full STOP!

But this time I really had to!


When I first saw this gorgeous pair of shoes on the Smiling Shoes website, a fashion-related blog post was mandatory! Plus, I made a promise and this is me keeping it!

And I am proud to tell you that Smiling Shoes is actually a Romanian brand brought to life by two lovely young sisters, Luiza şi Corina Naduh. This two talented ladies decided to bring to another level their father’s little shoes atelier, placed in the small historical town of Târgovişte. The bussiness existed from 1994 and produced men shoes exclusively. Luiza and Corina decided to move to Bucharest instead and to pay more attention to what the market needed in terms of shoes. Then, in 2007 the first Smiling Shoes Collection was launched. And the rest is history! Now they have many collaborations with Romanian designers and their shoes are always featured in pictorials for the most known Romanian glossy magazines.

My choice is from their newest SORBETTO SS 2014 Collection, still available online.


Red leather, 9 mm, classic stilettos with open back, hand made with the softest and comfortable leather! They are the upgraded version of Dorothy’s magic shoes!


– glam up your boring work outfit with some daring shoes!

No one knows where the Yellow Brick Road took Dorothy when she grew up, right?!* Just saying!!!

What do you think? Tell me in the Comment section!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie


* thoughts that are too dirty are NOT allowed on this post!