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I have tried to keep myself away from these new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks ever since their release, early this Spring. I kept refraining myself from buying them with useless arguments like “I do not like the packaging, it looks tacky!” ( yeah, right! ), when I knew the colours, the formulation and the finish were amazing!

photo 1

The quality of these fluid sticks is the best I discovered so far, and I would dare to say this is my favourite formula that Dior has brought out so far. They feel lightweight and silky-smooth and more important they will not leave you with that sticky feeling on the lips, some glosses do. The pigmentation is very good, and they do have a really lovely depth of colour. They also are surprisingly long wear for such a lightweight formula – they wore well for over three hours on me, a few drinks and a meal included. They fade evenly, and the darker colours tend to leave a stain behind. With the medium shine of a gloss, they will not emphasize dry, chapped lips like some lip stains do.


#239 Frisson is the most orange of the three I own. I am not a big fan of orange tinted lip products, because I don’t think they go very well with the pink undertones of my complexion. Plus, they have the tendency to make teeth look more yellow than they actually are.


I really do not know how Frisson works but it has not that effect on my skin or teeth. It turned out to be a natural, more of an orange-nude, with slight rosy undertones. So wearable and so summer appropriate!


#373 Rieuse is definitely the most pink-toned one. It is a muted, medium coral-pink with the same glossy finish as the other two I own. I find that Rieuse is a more opaque, compared to Frisson, and it completely covered my natural lip pigmentation. It is known by now that with the Fluid Sticks, the darker the colour is, the more coverage it offers.


#754 Pandore is a semi-opaque, cool-toned, medium red with subtle orange undertones, and a medium shine finish. It is my favourite from the three I own and the one that started this unhealthy “addiction”.


I already have posted a look using the Pandore Fluid Stick and the matching nail polish. For more details and swatches, read more here.

photo– photo previously posted on my Instagram account

Here you have my three Dior Addict Fluid Sticks swatched on my arm. From left to right: the first one is #239 Frisson, the one in the middle is #373 Rieuse, and the last one is #754 Pandore.

photo 3

The packaging came as a surprise for many of us. When it is not opened you have the impression that you are dealing with your usual lipstick. But, no, it comes with the duffle applicator of a lip gloss. Which makes the application even easier.

photo 2

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of the new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks. They give a delicious shine to the lips and none of the colors have any shimmer. They offer a good coverage too!

The colour range is amazing! 17 beautiful shades to collect and use for any occasion!



So, beautiful, which one is your favourite?

See you soon!

xx, Annie