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Today I am happy to share with you my own experience with one of the most beautiful summer releases – if not all year round! Because I think it will be rather difficult for another brand to release a more beautiful pattern on a product, or package, or scent than Guerlain‘s Terracotta Sun Celebration 30th Anniversary Edition Bronzing Powder and Blush, “The Star Sun Powder”.

photo 3.1 – you might have seen already this picture on my Instagram account

This is a beautiful combination of bronzer and blush all-in-one product, that Guerlain launched in May 2014, to mark their 30th Anniversary. This limited edition palette is meant to capture the allure of the sun in a pan. And it definitely does that with the two bronzer sections, a bright pink blush, doubled by another beautiful orange coloured one. The sun in the center is only a gold overspray, and it will wear off with using the product.

Before buying it, my main concern was how this will translate on my rather pale skin?! I have to admit that this is one step close to an orange look when all the colours are swirled together, mainly because the orange blush gives away more colour than the pink one. But used with a light hand, everyone can make it work!

photo 1.1

– L-R: bronzer, orange blush, pink blush, and the last swatch are all the colours swirled together

The powder is extremely finely-milled and the colours are easily buildable, even if they will start off very subtle. Except for the gold sun overspray in the middle of the pan, all the colours are matte. 

I would rather use the colours ( bronzer and blushes ) separately. One great thing about this palette is that the shades are large enough, that you can go in with a decent sized brush and pin point exactly which colour you want to use. I used it with my Tom Ford #06 Cheek Brush, but mainly with my Hakuhodo J210 Blush Brush, because I like more the way the product blends with it.


The packaging is this 16 g of product gathered in a sleek, wooden compact, with a mirrored detachable lid, held together by 3 magnets. Can anyone beat Guerlain on that presentation?! Not really!

And the scent… OMG! That scent is God sent! ( feeling the poet side of a beauty blogger, much?! ) It does not have the usual Guerlain violet signature scent! This one is more fresh and more floral, with a tinge of sweetness in it. It will instantly take you to an exotic Thaitian garden, filled with tiaré flowers. Some might find the scent overpowering, but I think that it is simply gorgeous.

photo 5

As for the wearing time: I have applied it in the morning when I did my makeup and after 8 hours of work, and sun, and sweat at the end of the day I could see slight signs of fading. And without any touch ups!

Bottom line: If you are after that deep, summer kind of a goldeny bronzed glow this is the right product you were lusting after!

Thoughts on it? Please share!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie