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A good brush will last you a very long time and it is worth the money you pay for it! This is the little philosophy of a brush addict! But when it comes to amazing brushes, Tom Ford is the best and if anyone should invest in premium brushes, I would definitely recommend the Tom Ford Brushes.

So, I buy brushes A LOT! But to actually come to love them, they have to correspond to some criteria:

– good quality: how well they are made

– performance: how they apply the makeup

– cleaning: how well they clean and how they look after that

– how well they wear: if they shed, or if the bristles stain with product that will not come off, while washing, or if they change their shape…

My little Tom Ford “samurai army” of brushes managed to check all those points and have a special place in my collector heart! So here they are!

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My first two Tom Ford brushes, I bought a few years ago, in Milan. I was lured by the beautiful mahogany, gold and white details without knowing that they will give me a flawless makeup.

The first one I bought was the #02 Cream Foundation Brush. It is a natural hair brush designed to flawlessly blend cream and liquid textured bases by picking up the right amount of product and placing it where needed. It is soft, but firm at the same time, that is why it does such a great job at buffing in the foundation. What I discovered is that it works wonders with cream foundations ( I also red somewhere that it was designed to be used specifically with the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick ), but with liquid foundations tends to soak more product than my other foundation brushes or my Beauty Blender.

How I use it: I put a bit of product on the back of my hand, take it on the brush, and working in small, circular motions I buff it in, starting from the center of my face, where – in fact – I need most coverage.

This next brush I bought on a whim, in that same trip. It is the #03 Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush. Ment to apply concealer and eye colour based products on the mobile lid, it is made with synthetic hair which makes the application flawless and easy. It is also amazing to apply very glittery eyeshadows.

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This is my absolute favourite Tom Ford brush and, I dare to say, that it is my favourite brush I own. And that is a huge statement coming from me! It is the #05 Bronzer Brush. Designed to pick up the optimal amount of product to achieve  a gorgeous healthy, radiant, bronzed godess look. It is a dense brush, with luxuriously soft bristles, but still somewhat firm for a more precise application. It is amazing for buffing that bronzer onto your face base, for that flawless look.

All the Tom Ford brushes were specially designed to be used with their correspondent makeup products. And if you take a look at this brush and the bronzer it is ment to be used with, you will see that this makes sense. That bronzer is huge and it is only logic that the brush for it had to be also huge. But I am not complaining, because with my pea-sized head, it literally takes seconds to apply my bronzer.

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I only have two eye brushes and that is because nothing can beat my Hakuhodo eye brushes army when it comes to applying eyeshadows! These were more recent buys and I am also very pleased with them!

The #14 Smokey Eye Brush designed to achieve a gorgeous, dramatic smokey eye without putting too much effort into it, this is a must in your collection. It is soft, precise and I also use it to smuge the harsh line of my makeup, for a more soft and natural look.

My last Tom Ford Brush is the #15 Eyeliner and Definer Brush. The natural hair, the precisely cut bristles are great for lining with both gel and powder liner. Also great for smudging, but I also use it to apply my favourite higlight shade in the key points of my eye: brow bone, inner tear duct.

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My Tom Ford brushes did not shed! Not even once! I wash them every week with my The Body Shop Camolile Oil cleanser and the Dr. Bronner shampoo. They tend to change their shape a bit but I put them in their plastic guards ( yes, I still have those white, plastic-y thingies! Yay Me! ), after a while they dry completely and they get back to their initial shape. The embossed Tom Ford writing on them did not wore off, they are not scratched, the gold details are still shiny… They are handmade in Japan, with amazing care for details and quality,  supposedly by the same factory that does other amazing brushes for Hakuhodo ( see a review on some of the Hakuhodo brushes I own here ), Chikuhodo…

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Yes! A good brush WILL last you a very long time! Tom Ford brushes are well know for how expensive they are, though! Can you justify such a purchase? Anytime, anywhere! Can you get similar brushes for less? Absolutely. But you will definitely justify their prices when you will start using them and notice how addicted you are to them!

They look expensive, they perform like an expensive product, they confirm all the claims about them… They are the epitome of luxury in terms of blushes!

Have you tried them, beautiful?

See you soon!

xx, Annie