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The things a woman carry in her bag!?…

It is a mystery even for herself how the smallest bag can carry so many things… And let us clarify one thing: everything in there is necessary ( yeah, sure!!!). No wonder a woman can not find a thing in her bag when she needs it the most!!!

And being the woman that I am, my bag is a mess too – to use an elegant term!

So the seasons changed – we are half way through September, already?! I felt like I needed a change. So, since the classic haircut was not enough this year, I felt it would be the right time to change my bag!

While going through the stuff in my “summer bag”, I came up with the idea of this post. Why not to let you guys know which were my absolute essentials for the hot, summer days… Between me and you, it seems like summer was not enough this year!


At a closer look, the products I found inside my bag are most of them from the L’Occitane Verveine Collection. Étrange coïncidence!

I absolutely love the Verveine range from L’Occitane. So refreshing! And the scent is so zesty, and citrusy even though the verveine is not part of the citrus family. And before I forget, this scent complimented so well my favourite summer perfume – the Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien. If you do not know what I am talking about, here is the link to the review of this amazing, gorgeous, unique perfume! 


In the picture above you can see the actual products that “lived” in my bag this summer.

From left to right I had:

– a mini roll-on perfume to apply whenever I needed to freshen up a little… and did not managed to “locate” my Travalo with my Annick Goutal fragrance – two perfumes = double the chance to find my refreshing scent in that hot mess

– a hand sanitizer – not much to say about it. A hand sanitizer is… a hand sanitizer!

– a lightweight hand cream – this one is simply amazing! No greasy residue, no tacky hands, no weird after scent, no feeling like I-need-to-wash-my-hands after the application, it absorbs in a matter of seconds. It instantly became my go-to/ holy grail hand cream for summer

– a face mist – not going to talk much about this one since I have a full post dedicated to it and the other face mists I used this summer, read it here. And believe me, from all the face mists you will see in that post, I have so little left in that L’Occitane can and in my Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray bottle

– and the last item, missing from the picture though, was a pack of wet wipes from the same Verveine Collection. Those were the first to go, but I always make sure I have a new pack with me when the weather is hot.

photo 2 copy

I also carried with me a travel size of the L’Occitane Frisson de Verveine Shower Gel instead of a hand soap, and from the same line the Refreshing Gel for tired feet. Ladies, you are wearing heels too! You know what tired feet mean, right?!

Which were your bag essentials this summer, beautiful? Please share!

See you soon!

xx, Annie