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Episode #2 of Loving Nudes coming your way!

This time we’re talking about one of the most luxurious brands in my entire makeup collection: Tom Ford. Need I say more?! Sorry, I have to!

photo 5 copy

Tom Ford lipsticks have one of the most comfortable formulas on your lips. They wear amazingly in all seasons, wether is cold or hot… The pigmentation is unbelievable and the application so easy that it isn’t a problem to retouch your lipstick in your car waiting for the green light… like the Lady you are, of course!

Plus, just have a look at that amazingly luxurious packaging! That beautiful mahogany and gold TF iconic packaging which gives you confidence only by looking at it!…

Can you tell I love Tom Ford, can’t you?!

photo 4 copy

As you may already discovered from reading my posts, the first colours I pick from a new ( to me ) lipstick brand are the nudes then the reds. I think a nude lipstick is the most difficult one to make it work, to make it last, to make you feel good wearing it… And if a good nude does the job… Then that is a win!

My two nudes picks from Tom Ford are from the Lip Color range and they are the #07 Pink Dusk and a glorious #13 Blush Nude. Two different types of nudes but equally amazing!

photo 2 copy

In the picture above you can see #07 Pink Dusk. In my opinion Pink dusk is a toned-down pink with a tinge of nude/beige to it. Very subtle on my lips, it does not wash me out like most nudes do. It is not quite the stereotypical pink-ish nude you would expect but more of a pale pink.

photo 1 copy

While Pink Dusk is the pink lipstick with nude/beige undertones, #13 Blush Nude is the opposite. Closer to what I can describe as a proper nude, what makes this lipstick wearable is the amount of warm, pink undertones in it. It is not that kind of ” in-your-face-nude “, and there are less chances to wash you out.

photo 3 copy

  • first swatch is #13 Blush Nude and the second is #07 Pink Dusk

photo 6 copy

  • first lip swatch is #07 Pink Dusk and the second is #13 Blush Nude

Look how different these two nudes swatch on my arm and on my lips! Pay attention especially to Blush Nude! It’s definitely more nude on my lips than on my arm! And let me tell you that my lips are really pigmented! Good thing these lipsticks are so opaque that their colour is not altered!

Please don’t leave before letting me know what are the best nudes for you!

I’m sorry if this post is a bit chatty and less “informative/professional” but, after all, today was a great day for me! And I hope you had a great one too!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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