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Aaand the skincare obsession continues with a new life changing product, the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial

As I discovered browsing through the good ol’ faithful WWW, Sarah Chapman is an amazing facialist based in London, which can find effective solutions to pretty much any skin issue. ( Another one to add to my Bucket List, next to getting my makeup done by Peter Philips – to get a facial from Sarah Chapman! ).

She is a firm believer in incorporating oils in your skincare routine. And so I’m I! The thing with oils is as simple as it gets! Our skin has a certain amount of oils in its structure, so it is easier for it to recognize oils as beneficial ingredients and to allow them to penetrate deeply into its layers covering all the nourishing, repairing… or whatever issues there might be!

Now, when I first heard of this oil-based product I was a bit skeptical about the idea of using it in the morning. I was already using an oil in the evening and I knew how much time it needed to absorb, and I had to massage it really well, blah blah!… What I had no idea about was that this is the most lightweight blend of oils I ever used which instantly absorbs into the skin!

It is basically a potent silky elixir, a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory omega oils, firming dermaxyl peptide, and brighteners. This silky serum-oil will lift, firm, smooth lines and uneven textures, while helping to repair daily damage and imparting a healthy, dewy glow. The concentrated active ingredients ( Collageneer®, Kalpariane®, Juvinity™, Timecode™ ) and anti-ageing vitamin A help to calm stressed skin along with an innovative essential oil blend of passion flower, jasmine, frangipani, argan, baobab, borage, rosehip and tuberose to cover all your skin needs in one shot! 

It is also PARABEN FREE.

Coming back from the holiday and with the changing of the seasons, your skin can be a bit dry, patchy and basically malnourished. Seems like the right definition for my skin before I started to take good care of it again! By incorporating the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial into my morning routine along with other amazing products like the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Mask and the Cap Cosmetics Micellair Water with Hyaluronic Acid, my skin is now at its best again! 

Thank you for sticking with me again, beautiful and I hope this is somewhat helpful for you too!

See you soon!

xx, Annie