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I was tagged at the beginning of September to do the Starting over TAG by the lovely Brianna, the girl behind the amazing Cruelty Free Me Blog. As the name of this blog suggests, Brianna is a girl passionate about beauty made with natural, organic ingredients, eco friendly and cruelty free. Cruelty Free Me is one of the blogs on this platform I enjoy reading, because when I need a good dose of “healthy” everything, she can fix me at any time.

For as much as I love the idea of this tag I completely forgot about it! It all starts with the hypothesis that all your makeup and skincare suddenly disappears – God forbid! Knock on wood! Jinx! etc. …

After the recovery from your initial heart attack, panic attack and being a human again and not a vengeance hairy beast, what would be the 16 products you would purchase?

Why 16?! I have no idea!…

So here are mine:


1) FACE MISTS… LOAD OF face mists, starting with my beloved Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Face Mist

2) my FOREO LUNA MINI ( review coming soon ) or in the normal size. This amazing device helps you deep cleanse your skin witout irritating it. I got amazing results from it in just a matter of days, things that I can’t say about the Clarisonic which was total fail and made my skin worse.

3) moisturizer for day and night. Depending on the season the “calamity” happens, let’s say it’s autumn/winter time I will go for Oskia Nutri-active Day Cream and for nighttime I will buy the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream.

4) what I discovered to work extremely well with the Foreo Luna is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, the best cleanser I have ever used


5) foundation I would buy first: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, but that’s no surprise since you had enough of me raving about it. Definitely my holy grail foundation!

6) I like to apply this foundation with my beauty blender so I will have one of those too.

7) for eyeshadows I will go and get myself Trench, Almond and Pale Barley Sheer Eye Shadows from Burberry for a simple, everyday eye look.

8) I find that these creamy, buttery soft eye shadows are applied best with the Hakuhodo blending brushes from the J Series ( review here ) so I will definitely get me some of those.

9) my mascara will be Chanel’s Le Volume the best mascara I have ever had.

10) and the Shu Uemura S Lash Curler. I have this thing I can’t go out without curling my lashes. I’m not the biggest wearer of eyeshadow that’s why I think that curling your eye lashes adds a bit of something else to the eyes. Besides that, curling your lashes makes your eyes look more opened and awake.

11) the Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer to bring some life to my usually pale skin and to go along with it my beloved.

12) Tom Ford Bronzer Brush already reviewed here.

13) my next logical purchase would be blush. And here is where I will have a real problem! I love all my blushes and I use them quite a lot! Maybe the first ones I will be will be those in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. I think it will be a good deal! I would have multiple options! But my second purchase will definitely be my Burberry #06 Tangerine, then my Tom Ford #02 Frantic Pink.

14) on my lips I will definitely wear Dior’s Lip Maximizer as I love how plumped and delicious makes my lips look, then I will purchase a bold colour because I can’t live without wearing a bold lip.

15) I can’t go out or to work without having clean, well cured nails so I will also buy a cuticle oil and a nail polish which will probably be in a nude colour, like Dior’s #108 Muguet.

16) and raw honey, coconut oil and tea tree oil will be my last purchases. I use them for almost anything… Face masks, hair masks ( maybe I should have thrown in some hair products too, like shampoo and conditioner…), body scrubs, to clean and disinfect my brushes… Love them all!

So! Here you have my picks! What would be yours?

I will also tag some of my lovely girls/friends here on WordPress, but everyone is welcomed to join the fun and do this Tag! So Divya, Jackie, Serene, Andreea, V, and the lovely Talker Blogger.

Thank you for your constant support, beautiful !

See you in November!

xx, Annie!