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After a couple of weeks when I posted reviews of some of my skincare staples at the moment ( maybe I should say “skin saviors”! ), I think it’s just about the right time to put them together in a post and tell you how I make them work for me. So this is my Morning skincare routine

What my skin needs especially during this colder months is deep hydration and calming the eventual vascular lesions, the main cause of my rosacea.


Next I will share with you the products I use and the actual steps of my morning skincare routine.

Step 1: I take one pump of my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and massage it into my dry face. Then, for a deeper cleanse, I wet my Foreo Luna Mini ( review coming soon ) and massage my face for at least one minute. This device is so clever that it will tell you when to stop and when you need to move to another area. After that I clean my face from any residue with a muslin cloth and move on to…

Step 2 which is cleansing my face with a few spritzes of Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Face Mist on a cotton pad. This roses and minerals infused water leaves the skin clean but at the same time soft and hydrated.

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Step 3 is to apply my morning serum. Now I’m using and loving the results from Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial. This is an amazing serum/oil, beautiful for a day wear. It absorbs instantly and doesn’t leave any oily residue. Read the complete review here.

Then Step 4, my daily moisturizer which at the moment is  Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Moisturizer with Retinol. Great moisturizer, made with natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types. Using this moisturizer there’s no need to add an eye cream because it is a multitasking product… But you can read more on that here.

Step 5 is to moisturize my lips, especially during the colder seasons my lips need extra care. So, I think that the Omorovicza Lip Perfector does an amazing job at hydrating and nourishing my lips. 

The final Step, 6th in my skincare routine is to apply SPF. The product I fell in love with lately is another Omorovicza one, the Complexion Corrector SPF 20. As the name suggests it’s a complexion corrector which helps me reduce the appearance of red cheeks and diminishes imperfections. The SPF 20 comes as a very much welcomed bonus. I wear it under my makeup and it works amazing as a primer as well. I prefer it mainly on days where I don’t have to wear makeup though, as a final step in my skincare routine.

And I’m good to go! 

What are your skincare favourites/saviours at the moment? Please share!

See you soon, beautiful! 

xx, Annie