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When I blogged the launch of this little gem ( Literally! Look how gorgeous and sparkly it is! ), back in September, I was browsing the new, updated Hourglass website for new shades to add to my shopping list! I knew for sure I wanted Mood Exposure and another one… Imagine my excitement when I saw what the Palette looked like…


I was waiting for a palette with my favourite Ambient Lighting Blushes ever since Hourglass released the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette. The concept was so well received that I thought to myself ” no way they will pass on coming on the market with a blush palette too! “. It turned out I was anticipating correctly…


Mood Exposure is the right colour for Autumn in my opinion! It was the first shadow I was drawn to when these blushes were released, but always found myself excuses not to buy it. I can describe it, as the majority of the bloggers did: a “soft plum”! A delicate plum combined with soft rosy hues and with subtle warm undertones peeking through ( see swatches in the picture below ). It looks more neutral and cool in the pan but applied and blended it gives my cheeks such a beautiful, natural colour with a light satin finish!

Lumious Flush on the other hand is a brighter colour! In the pan, it looks like a bright-pink coral with warm undertones. It definitely leaves a more golden-champagny-luminous finish to your skin.

Luminous Flush is a weird one. In some lights it might look pinkier almost fuchsia-like but in certain lights it can be considered a solid coral. It also depends on the undertones of your skin. On me it shows up more as pink with soft coral undertones, since I have more rosy undertones. I haven’t use it yet on someone with yellow, golden skin… Oh, how I’d love to see how it works on such beautiful skin type!

They both are in the permanent line, Mood Exposure being already on my wish list and a Luminous Flush I wasn’t even contemplating the idea of thinking I might want it! And how glad I am it came in this palette because it truly is a gorgeous colour!


But the cherry on top has to be the Limited Edition shade, Incandescent Electra! It took me quite a while to find the right words to describe such a gorgeous colour! Just take a moment to look at it… It is a gorgeous, gorgeous blush! The colour is unique, not like anything else I have in my perennial growing makeup collection!… It’s a cool peach blush which on my pale skin looks more of a cute baby rose, so fragile and delicate, with warm undertones and a luminous finish…

image – from Left to Right: Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra, Mood Exposure.

For more details on the composition of these blushes you can find in a previous review I did on my other two Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes I own: Ethereal Glow and Dim Infusion, and the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette.

I want to remind you though, that Hourglass products are paraben, talc, fragrance, nano-particle and gluten free.

Thank you, Gods of Makeup… and my beautiful friend Marie, who lives in England at the moment. She was sweet enough to snatch one Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette for me and send it as an early birthday present! ( Wow! Birthday next month?! Already?! Getting irreversibly old, people! I AM getting old… )

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie