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There were a lot of novelties in Burberry‘s makeup department with the launch of their new S/S Spring 2015 Collection, called Nude Beauty. Starting with the look proposed by the absolutely gorgeous and talented Andy Rowe, slightly unusual for the English weather-inspired Burberry common looks. Now I’m talking subtle bronzed, glowing face combined with a bold brick red lip and the so trendy no-mascara eye look… But I already wrote a blog post about the subject with details about the products used, the steps to achieve the look and lots of gorgeous pictures from behind the scenes! So make sure you check that one out!

Even if I don’t leave the house without “putting my brows on”, I’m not the biggest fan of brow pencils. I prefer using a brow powder or even an eyeshadow close in colour to the natural colour of my brows, to a waxy, messy, not pigmented enough pencil that gives me the sensation of crunchy brows…

But this was not the case here!


The new Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer is a double-ended automatic pencil, with a fine slanted tip on one side ( which imitates the shape of a precise brow brush ) made of buildable, powder texture which makes application the easiest. On the other end of the pencil there is a small and precise brush designed to sculpt, style and fix brows in place.

How I shape my brows:

image – brows with nothing on; or should I call this “brow-naked”?! Haha!

– first I go in with the brush side to make sure there is no excess foundation or powder on them and give me a basic shape to start with

– then, following the natural shape of my brows, by using light strokes I fill any gaps and add definition wherever it’s needed. I always start at the arch and working towards the tail of the brow.

You have no idea where the arch of your brow is? Make sure you check and follow the instructions in these helpful pictures below!

Eyebrow-shaping-chart- – image source Pinterest ( make sure you follow me there too! )

post-19-12146728551 – image source Pinterest

– then I use the brush to sculpt the inner corners of the brow, adding the tiniest amount of product because I think they look more natural like that

– and as a final step, I brush through the brows once more to even out the colour and set everything in place

image – brows with the Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer on

My colour here is #02 Sepia, a muted brown with ashy undertones, which makes it not too warm but amazing for a soft, natural, everyday, effortless look. Actually it’s very similar to the first darker brown shade in my Guerlain Eyebrow Kit 4 Long-Lasting Powders Tailor-Made Shades ( which I will definitely review soon ).


And that would be it! Thank you for reading and make sure you check the post where I featured the new Burberry S/S 2015 Look created by the amazingly talented Andy Rowe!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie