Think light-diffusing highlighters, shimmering champagne eyeshadows, gold speckled nail varnishes assorted with more bits of the precious metal to lift every look, making it even more desirable! This is the gorgeous Dior Golden Shock 2014 Christmas Collection!

image – image source Dior.com

When I first saw Dior’s festive makeup collection, the collector editions of Diorific nail polishes featuring the striking contrast between vibrant hues, their double tinted lipsticks and the precious shimmer of the highlighting compact powders, I immediately felt the luxurious cozy atmosphere of a Christmas with presents wrapped in gold paper, golden tree decorations, the lit fireplace in your living room, hot chocolates and cookies you share with your loved ones, while you’re waiting for Santa! So I knew they had to me mine!

Surprisingly, I wasn’t attracted to their eyeshadow quints! I personally think they launched so many gorgeous reformulated ones until now that these weren’t a must, not even for a collector! I loved the concept of the Limited Edition lipsticks but the colours, and mostly the finish, didn’t impressed me!


But the highlighter… Oh, the highlighter! It was like a magnet to me! A whole 6 g of pixie-dust-golden-goodness encased in the most luxurious, beautiful gold compact… The dream of a fairy translated into reality!


As you can see from the pictures, I wasn’t able to keep my hands away from it for too long… I’m happy though, because now I can share with you, my beautiful, my discovery! The first layer on the embossed Christmas star is an overspray which comes away in the form of large speckles of golden shimmers, leaving space for the most beautiful golden, light-diffusing, highlighting powder I own.

image – image source Dior.com

The minimalist, yet elegant golden packaging comes with a little assorted soft brush, in the usually black pouch with the CD logo embossing on.


And the Diorific nail polishes?! I never had the interest to get any of these bundles of gorgeousness until this year! The most beautiful packaging on a nail polish, from all the brands I own! And as a bonus you have in there the new amazing reformulated Dior Vernis, you saw me raving about in my previous posts ( here, here and here!!! ).


The colours I first had to have were #001 Golden Shock and #990 Smoky.

#001 Golden Shock is a gold leaf effect Top Coat meant to embellish your festive manicure with the precious shimmer of the delicate golden leaves. In a single brushstroke, applied over the other 5 collector shades of Diorific Vernis ( #022 Mirror, #241 Gold Equinoxe, #762 Shock and the last one #990 Smoky, featured in the pictures above ) you can enhance the beauty of these nail polishes… Or you can achieve a subtle bejeweled effect on your bare or nude nails. Your options are unlimited!

With #990 Smoky things are a bit different. Being on the opposite side of the colour spectrum, it is a nail polish in an intense liquorice colour excellent on its own for a dark, deep, opaque in just two coats, violet winter manicure or as a base for #001 Golden Shock, to create the most precious effect on your nails.

It is the nail polish combo Dior promoted in all their campaign posters and my personal preference… I also recreate it on my nails as you will see in the following picture!


What were your winter beauty picks this far? Please share in the comments below!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie




Here you have the movie Golden Shock’ Christmas Makeup Collection 2014 – Application Secret, courtesy of Dior.com. You’ll discover how to achieve the Golden Shock look, face and nails. Enjoy!