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There is nothing I have tried from Charlotte Tilbury Makeup and didn’t liked!

I’m sure it’s not the case but, if you’re still not that familiar with who Charlotte Tilbury is, she is a makeup artist based in UK who launched her own luxury makeup line, a year ago. She was inspired by the most beautiful icons passed and actual ( Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham… ), which left its mark on the aesthetic of her brand, colours and the name of the products…

She’s a beauty icon herself! She has this long, beautiful red hair, she always wears all very teased-up at the crown of her head – very Brigitte Bardot-esque, and her signature bold eyeliner… She’s always nonconformist, bohemian and chic, and all kinds of gorgeous. An explosive personality, she’s all about the magic, the fun and the glamour of being woman and playing with makeup.


The Colour-Coded Eyeshadows Luxury Palette: The Dolce Vita is my second Charlotte Tilbury eye palette, after The Sophisticate previously reviewed here.

It contains some gorgeous russet-gold powder colours and even though they are in powder form they are incredibly soft! They go on like a cream which also means that the fall-out is minimal. Each shade is extremely pigmented and literally glide-on so smoothly, no patchiness or chalkiness whatsoever.


It creates such a beautiful warm effect on the eye, excellent for this time of the year. I also think that it’s just the most appropriate colour combination for my skin tone and I am really enjoying wearing it. It makes a berry eye, although rather tricky, a lot more easier to create with all these coordinated colours in the same palette.


But let’s move on to the fun part – the colour description! The four colours are called PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE and POP.

PRIME – is a pale pink beige colour, a champagne shade with not as much of a soft, shimmery finish but a frosty one, which can appear multi-coloured in certain lights. A beautiful all-over the lid colour with sheer to medium pigmentation.

ENHANCE – is a reddish brown with slight pink undertones, a bold rusty burgundy with the most beautiful and discreet silver shimmers, which give the satin finish to it. This is the most pigmented eyeshadow in the palette, it swatches opaque in just one swish and it packs on a lot of that deep burgundy, coppery pigmented. My personal favourite shade in the palette and the main reason why this palette had to be mine!

SMOKE – is a deep bronze brown with soft khaki undertones and satin finish. It also has the most subtle golden shimmers. It’s the less pigmented eyeshadow in the palette, which doesn’t bother me at all! It makes it a lot more wearable actually, for such a quirky shade… I had nothing similar to it in my makeup collection!

POP – is the star of the entire palette and my second favourite. It’s a coppery-golden pressed glitter; not offensive at all on my highly sensitive eyes. This shade is “the game changer”, the the very one that it will take your look from “desk to disco”, as Charlotte herself likes to say. The sparkly and metallic finish is so dramatic and festive. It’s a gorgeous hybrid colour… Something between a glitter and a metallic finish because it’s not as transparent as the usual glitters are, yet it’s not opaque enough to make a true metallic eyeshadow out of it… It feels so creamy and dense to touch and it applies with no fall-out. But to make sure that happens, what I like to do is wet my brush before application with a setting spray. The setting spray makes the shimmers stay put much longer and the colour shows off so much better, giving it the most beautiful metallic finish I was telling you about.


Here you have the swatches, in daylight, from left to right: PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE and POP.


As you can see from the pictures, the palette comes with NO APPLICATORS! Which is better if you ask me because it makes the palette sleeker, and more compact and gives that luxury vibe to it. And I’d use my own brushes anyway!


Now! If you want to see The Dolce Vita in action, keep an eye on this little blog here! A surprise is coming your way sooner than you’ll expect!…

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie