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It’s been over 60 years since Monsieur Christian Dior decided to “dress” Women’s smiles and to do that, a red lipstick was the first beauty product he created.

Soon enough The Red Lip became the main accessory of a woman. It gave her strength, it gave her confidence, and above all it made her look feminine and desirable!


Known as “the Dior Red“, 999 got its name and number from the first red lipstick shades Monsieur Christian created in his Parisian laboratories – the #9 and the #99. The 999 it is said to be the red lipstick shade any woman is allowed to wear at any time. Whether you are a “red” lip lover or not, once you wore it there’s no way back!


A really versatile shade – which at the same time beams with that Dior timeless elegance – to be worn with a casual pair of boyfriend jeans, a crispy white shirt, a Bar suit jacket and, of course, the ultimate stilettos. And it was my favourite shade to wear to the Winter parties for quite a while now… And it still manages to be the most gorgeous true red lipstick shade I own; the ultimate red lipstick any woman should have in her makeup collection!


It can be worn on its full potential, applied straight from the tube or gently dabbed on the lips to get a softer, more casual look or under the Lip Maximizer for an extra glossy effect.

My personal favourite is the first look. It’s not like I’m wearing it on a daily basis anyway, so when I do it I like to make a statement out of my lips!

It also provides full coverage, eliminating the need of a lip liner!

Number 999 will always be a favorite of mine, no matter the season, but especially during the colder months, because it adds a touch of life an joy to my simple winter makeup…

Besides, you know what they say: “When in doubt, wear RED lipstick!”

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie





Last year Dior reformulated their lipsticks and this new formula is rich in Crysta Marine extract and Hyaluronic Acid, which have as final result the creamiest, most moisturizing and plumping lipstick you were lucky to try on.