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So… You thought you’re done with your Christmas shopping but when you started wrapping the gifts you realised that you’re missing a couple more?… Don’t worry, I got you covered! And I’m not alone! I have another Santa’s little helper doing this post with me.

You guessed right, another festive collaboration!!!… This time with the beautiful and very talented fellow blogger V, from SayHellotoGorgeous ( make sure you go and check her blog out because it is amazing! ).

So stay with us for a few gorgeous last minute gift suggestions, I’m sure you’ll definitely love!

I have 5 picks for 5 different types of friends…


1) for “the girl that has it all”… Now it’s the right time to surprise your friend with limited edition, collectables. No girl can say no to this Limited Edition Dior Diorrific Golden Shock Winter 2014 Collection. Just look how pretty these nail polishes are!


2) for the “fancy girl”…  You can never go wrong with a luxurious candle! My perfect winter scent has been for the past couple of years my Byredo Bibliothèque Fragranced Candle; it smells like old books, leather, vanilla and plum… The coziest home scent ever. But I recently discovered this Burberry Smokey Embers Fragranced Candle which will help you recreate the mood of an English fireside afternoon, through its comforting warm notes of patchouli, birch tar and guaiac wood. I think it will always be a most welcome gift!


3) let’s not forget about “THE MAN in our lives”, shall we!? The easiest option is a perfume, you’re right! But this year my suggestion is to go for something special, like a niche perfume. My pick is this Penhaligon’s Fragrance Selection Gentlemen’s Collection – an assortment of their classic scents for gents, containing 5 ml bottles of their finest masculine perfumes: Blenheim Bouquet, Juniper Sling, Quercus, Sartorial and Opus 1870. An excellent selection containing from the most fresh to the most manly and sexiest scents, for a very busy gentleman who’s concerned about the little details, like his perfume.


4) for the “always in control girl”… What better gift than a new planner with a matching writing tool! I went for the festive gold again and picked this Zara Home Braided Diary, wrapped in this soft leather cover with amazing sparkling-gold details and this breathtaking Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Pen. With the same sparkling gold details. How gorgeous these little crystals are?!


5) and lastly and the most difficult typology to pick a gift for, the “intellectual type”… No offense, but when it comes to this kind of friends, both male and female, they are the most difficult ones to please! Simply because all “human” things don’t seem to reach them easily… But a book, oh! THE BOOK is magical. It’s the kind of gift they’d genuinely appreciate. You can go for an old school paper book or be adventurous and buy her/him an e-book… My picks: Love Letters of Great Men and Women by Ursula Doyle, an excellent romantic read, for a girl you can get her #Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” by Lena Dunham or for you beauty lover friend you can pick Sally Hughes’ book Pretty Honest: The Straight-talking Beauty Companion. A classic book can also be a welcomed gift!

Here you have all my picks for the last minute gift shopping scenario I always seem to find myself in, for various reasons!…

Thank you V for doing this collaboration with me!

Now hurry up beautiful and finish your shopping! Christmas is just around the corner!

See you soon!

xx, Annie




Don’t forget to add your final personal touch by wrapping your presents yourself or by attaching a personal hand written note on a hand made tag… Or whatever you think would make the person you’re giving the present feel best!

Here you have a few suggestions I found on Pinterest and Etsy