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 A touch of colour is all it takes to change your appearance.

Christian Dior


In my opinion, a nude lip can also be the very essence of a sexy and determined woman, the same way a red lip will always make you feel sexy and powerful. No wonder the nude lip has been the signature lip of beautiful icons like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie…

But the concept of “nude” does not end with a flawless complexion. To compliment the perfect natural glow, the right lipstick is also a must… A must balance between the right colour and your skin tone, in order to avoid the “too tired” or the “too pale” effect.


To help us with that, Dior launched almost three years ago a collection of lipsticks that take nude To the next level. A collection of eight radiant lip-blush shades, which instantly hydrate, plump and smooth your lips for a classy and timeless finish.

Not all the shades will be universally flattering and from all the Dior Nude Blush Lipsticks shades I have tried on, the one I think it’s the most appropriate for my skin tone and the pigment in my lips, is the #459 Charnelle. There’s also the iconic Grège, but this one goes a bit too much into beige territory for my liking. A gorgeous nude nonetheless!


Charnelle is the perfect soft nude shade with peachy pink undertones, which looks just like my natural lip color, only better. It has a warmth to it that makes it ideal for so many skin tones. It also has a sheerness to it which confers a soft, elegant, subtle touch to your entire look whether you are using it for a subtle day look or you’re using it as a final touch for an important dinner. It will enhance your natural lip colour adding a dash of pigment to it… A highlighting blush for the lips!

It looks very natural on the lips, a very wearable nude. The translucent pigment  makes it that much easier to wear! Comfortable and hydrating on the lips, the Rouge Dior voluptuous care formula is enriched with criste marine extract, smoothing and reshaping the lips, maximizing in the most natural way the expression of each nuance in your lips…

Because Dior believes in: “Couture Colour” and  “Voluptuous Care“!


Though not the most long-lasting lipstick you’ll ever try, it’s such a pleasure to take it out of your bag and re-apply it on any occasion because of the classy, iconic, quilted packaging which makes it a beauty and style accessory, by itself!

And if you just started your quest for the “perfect nude lipstick” the Dior Nude Blush lipstick range is a great starting point…

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See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie



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