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As many of you may know, when Tom Ford launched his makeup line back in 2011, it was only natural to come on the market also with a set of makeup brushes.

I was lucky enough to own quite a few of these brushes and use them almost daily in the past couple of years ( you can see the review on my oldest and most trusty ones here ) and recently I added four more to my little “samurai army”, as I like to call them.


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The brushes themselves look like this: they have relatively long lacquered handles in the iconic mahogany colour with the golden barrel, which keeps together some of the softest, white, goat hair bristles I have ever used on my face.

Side note: Goat hair, compared to the hair on some other brushes, will buff out eyeshadow faster, easier, and it will also pick up more product.

They’re weighted perfectly therefore easy to handle, which for many of you might not seem like a big deal. But believe me, the right weight on a makeup brush and the length of its handle can make a huge difference too, not only the quality of its bristles!

image Tom Ford #06 Cheek Blush with the gorgeous Tom Ford Cheek Colour in #03 Flush

The first Tom Ford makeup brush I’m going to talk about is the “infamous” #06 Cheek Brush. The blusher brush was the one I wanted for such a long time. I had the other face brushes the #02 Cream Foundation Brush and the #05 Bronzer Brush and this one was clearly missing ( There’s still one more that I want though. Not a must but definitely a good one for contouring and highlighting! ). But it was always sold out! Everywhere! That fact might make a statement on itself, for sure!

It is the right size for any face in my opinion! It’s amazing with both cream and powder blushes! It is also great to highlight with! And if you think that the brush is still big, you can turn it the other way around and you will get the most even, precise application ever! The bristles offer resilience and produce bright coloring, but it’s still fluffy and soft on your skin! These hairs are one of the softest I have ever felt and they blend my blush beautifully!

image– here you have it compared to the #05 Bronzer Brush ( left ) and the #02 Creamy Foundation Brush ( right ), the #06 Cheek Brush being the one in the middle.


Strange enough, the Tom Ford eye brushes were the ones I was less interested in. I have a huugge amount of Hakuhodo‘s for blending, detailing, angled, flat, fluffy, tapered, domed… You name it, I have it! They are my other “samurais” which serve me way too well to exchange them for… well, anything else! But I was curious about these ones too! So here you have them…

The #11 Eyeshadow Brush is an all-over, handy eyeshadow brush! Made with natural hair it’s incredibly soft. With this brush the colour is distributed effortlessly and the most important thing: evenly on the surface of the lid. It’s the most amazing brush at applying without major fall-outs ( !? ) glitter shades, especially those glitter shades makeup artists call “grown up glitters” like the ones in my Charlotte Tilbury Colour Coded Eyeshadow Palettes.

The #13 Eyeshadow Blend Brush is an amazing blending brush made with nice, firm yet soft bristles. I simply adore blending brushes! This one is great to go into the crease to define it, which often times is more than necessary for my extremely hooded eyes. Also essential to add some drama to an otherwise boring makeup.

#13 is a good brush but mainly for blending! Overall, I actually prefer my most tapered Hakuhodo brushes instead because I can use them for both actions: to deposit the colour in the right places and blending it out flawlessly, without dragging that sensitive eye skin – which sometimes happens with this Tom Ford one!


I admit I got the #21 Lip Brush for its unique shape only! But I am so glad I did! It applies very pigmented lipsticks so effortlessly that it is almost impossible to make mistakes. The bristles are long and firm and they take the shape of you lips while they evenly deposit the colour. You’ll have a precise contoured and filled lips in a matter of seconds! I’m surprised and delighted with this purchase!


Here you have my updated Tom Ford brush collection! There was no doubt that the Tom Ford brushes will be quite expensive! They might not be the most expensive makeup brushes available on the market at the moment ( see Chikuhodo and even some Hakuhodo numbers ), but they’re definitely close up there. And of course, it’s Tom Ford! So you wouldn’t expect nothing else!

Do you absolutely need these brushes? Definitely not! You don’t have to break the bank to get some decent brushes to do your makeup with nowadays! But if you decide to do it anyway, choose only the ones you’re absolutely sure you’ll be using everyday… Which for me, is about all of them! Haha!!!

And keep in mind that they are worthy of every penny you’re paying for!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie