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Besides all the other beauty blogger “qualities”, I am also a mascara fiend! Now, who would’ve really thought that, right?!

I’ve tried Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior, Burberry… And when I’ve discovered that Burberry launched two more mascaras last fall I obviously thought to myself that I had to try the new ones too.

photo 11

I’m not new to the Burberry mascaras. I’ve already tried the Effortless Mascara which I bought in Milan out of sheer necessity ( when I arrived there my mascara wasn’t in my makeup bag where I clearly remember I put it before leaving… So I had to get a new one! If anything else, I can’t get out of the house without wearing at least some mascara! ) and I thought it was really good.

So, with two new releases my curiosity doubled and I ended up buying the Bold Lash Mascara and the Curve Lash Mascara.

All these mascara are volumising and they can be used for both simple makeup looks and more dramatic ones, from day to night.

What I found interesting is that that they also work like a lash treatment being enriched with marine plant glycogen that accelerates fiber growth and strengthens the lashes, whilst providing effortless definition. Which is always a plus, right?!

Doing my research for this post I also discovered that, and I quote: “A protective film forms on the surface of the lash and shields against humidity, rain and heat.”, which is not quite the truth because – speaking from my experience – all of these mascaras don’t resist too long in such ambient, even if they say that this is a “smudge-proof”  formula!

Even so, for me this is not an important aspect because I can always trade a long-lasting, doing-nothing to my lashes formula for the flattering volumising, defining and elongating effect, I always look for on my lashes obtained with a minimum of effort!

photo 12

Now let’s review the mascaras one by one.

The Effortless Mascara Volumising Lash Enhancer is a mascara with treatment properties which in a single swipe creates definition and natural volume to the lashes, as you can see in the first picture of the collage below. It is Burberry’s first mascara, the one I had to buy in Milan, and I chose the colour #01 Midnight Black. Even if it’s not as black as the other two new releases, I like the effect I get with this one on my lashes, even without curling them.

The Bold Lash Mascara Intense & Volumised Lashes gives – well, a multi-dimensional volumising effect as expected! It’s the most volumising and defining of the range. The creamy, intensely pigmented formula ( it’s the blackest of them all ) gives rich volume for a bold look, the colour being called #01 Ebony. I’m all for intense & volumised lashes, which makes this one my personal favourite mascara of the three!

Created especially for those delicate, shorter, flatter lashes the Curve Lash Mascara Volumising Lash Curl in #01 Ebony aims to create “the open eye” effect. The lightweight formula lifts, volumises and curls each lash to effortlessly enhance and frame the eye. You can see in the last picture of the collage below what a natural-looking volume and perfect definition this mascara adds to my face. I also like to use this one on my bottom lashes because the streamlined brush design makes everything so easy.

photo 15 – Pic.1 the Effortless Mascara Volumising Lash Enhancer; Pic.2 the Bold Lash Mascara Intense & Volumised Lashes; Pic.3 the Curve Lash Mascara Volumising Lash Curl.

You’ll all agree that a mascara being good or bad is decided from the way it applies! And a good application starts with a good brush! The brushes on all the Burberry mascaras are made with synthetic fibers only their design differs to serve different needs.

On the Effortless Mascara the bristles have a more usual shape and form. They are dense and compact which gives a decent volume and a good definition to the lashes.

For the Bold Lash Mascara the cone-shaped brush effortlessly captures every lash from root to tip coating every lash in the right amount of product to create intensely coloured, volumised and defined lashes.

The brush on the Curve Lash Mascara is the most unusual of the three. The streamlined brush was designed to coat even the most delicate lashes and to create natural-looking volume and definition.

photo 13

The packaging was also revamped and slightly changed with these two new releases, being coated in that iconic Burberry gun metal shade with the usual checked embossing on it. Where for their first mascara, the Effortless Mascara, the body of the packaging was a transparent sturdy plastic tube with a minimal Burberry logo printed on it. The visual effect of the new packaging is more impactant than the old one though, and I really like it!


Overall impressions:

I really like these Burberry mascaras! Each for the need it serves! My most favourite had to be the Bold Lash Intense & Volumised Lashes though! I think it’s somewhat similar to my all-time favourite Chanel Le Volume! But I also like the other two. The Curve Lash Mascara is the one I use for minimal looks or even when I can’t be bothered to wear any makeup at all and the Effortless Mascara I used anyway because it was the first one I bought… Haha! It’s a really decent mascara but not a “wow” one!

Which one is your favourite? How about your all-time favourite mascara?

Thank you for sticking up until the end of this looong post, beautiful and…

See you soon!

xx, Annie