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Today I felt like having a trip down memory lane and revisit the oldest items in my beauty stash – really old ones, but also ones that I repurchased countless times, ones that somehow managed to escape the decluttering my makeup process which takes place twice a year with the precision of a Swiss-made chronograph.

Some of the products I will show you were limited edition items, some are impossible to find at the moment because their brands decided to redraw them from the market, some are simply too cute to get rid of and some, well some have sentimental value! Yes, I’m weird like that and I have a somewhat twisted relationship with my makeup! But don’t you?!

I also thought that it would be more interesting and fun to make the whole thing a Tag!

So with the analytic process coming to an end and all my makeup sorted out and rearranged nicely back in its respective drawers, I managed to come up with 5 categories:

1) my oldest makeup item: the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Évasion and the Chanel Joue Contraste #72 Rose Initiale bought on the same shopping trip to Sephora, a couple of years ago enabled of course, by the Pixiwoo sisters. Évasion is nowhere to be find at the moment and Rose Initiale is a permanent in the Chanel Joue Contraste Blush line… Thank goodness!


2) oldest limited edition product: the Lancôme Gourmand Colour Bare Lip Sensation Lipstick Le French Touch Collection, in #316 Soft Marshmallow.

It is a lipstick launched with the Spring of 2012 Colour Collection created by Aaron de Mey, called Roseraie des Délices.

I barely wore this one! Why?! But isn’t it obvious?! Would you imagine my boring-nudes-lover-self wearing a bright Barbie-pink lipstick sometime in this life? Exactly!

I bought it exclusively because of the gorgeous petite, pastel-coloured packaging which is a work of art itself! Me and my smart shopping… not!

Kids! Please, don’t do this at home!


3) my oldest perfume is the Givenchy Amarige Mariage.

You can actually see how loved this perfume was. It’s almost gone and its colour and smell have also changed! I don’t use it anymore but I still keep it as it used to be my signature scent for so many years!

I bought it on my first trip to Rome – Italy so, so, so many years ago! I’ve tried to repurchase it but it’s sadly discontinued…

And also, last year I was lucky to discover the most representative scent for my personality, my real signature scent, the one I’m sure I’ll wear for the rest of my life!

Givenchy Amarige Mariage

4) my oldest home scent is Diptyque Baies Fragranced Candle, not this precise candle to state the obvious, but I always make sure I have something in this scent somewhere inside the house, whether it is a candle, a room spray, a scented oval or a diffuser! It’s not my usual scent as I mainly go for deep woody, amber-ish scents. This is a fruity one but the wild roses notes and especially the cassis notes make it lighter, not overpowering sweet, and irresistible to me!…

So irresistible that I always keep one in my office too!


5) the oldest makeup tools: these The Body Shop makeup brushes.

These are literally my first makeup brushes I bought! I used to use them daily but when I started to become a makeup snob and sensing the difference a good brush does in terms of application ( see the review on my current Tom Ford favourites here and here ), I tossed these in a drawer and kind of forgot about them!


These would be all “The Oldest” makeup bits I managed to find in my collection.

Now I would love to see “The Oldest” of Jackie, Serene, Katie, Zoe, Alessia, Michelle. And by the way, make sure you check these gorgeous ladies’ amazing blogs. They’re my daily, most enjoyable, relaxing reads!

Also, anyone is welcomed to share with us “Their Oldest” in the comment section below or to do this Tag if she/he desires!

See you in February beautiful, to celebrate together for an entire month, annie’s beauty…‘s first year of blogging!

xx, Annie