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NEW products in the L’Occitane Shea Butter skincare range! The same old me who’s always eager to try them, especially at this time of the year!


Before starting this review, I would like to throw in a little DISCLAIMER!

My skin type is overall normal but tends to get a little dry at this time of the year! I too deal with occasional breakouts and clogged, enlarged pores and blackheads on my nose and forehead.

The really messed up part is that my skin is highly sensitive to certain minerals and oils also, which could mean that the skincare products I might use and work for my skin not to offer the right results for your skin type.

We have to agree on one more fact: skincare is a personal matter and as much as I love a product it might just not work for you! So I’d rather recommend to get to really know your skin and its issues and then try some products made specifically for your skin type.

Sensitive skin skincare is commonly known to be generally tolerate by all skins, but you never know!

If you have the curiosity to check, one of my first posts on annies beauty… was about this L’Occitane Shea Butter Serum. I also wrote in detail what shea butter is and how is made ( read review here ). I remember this light serum helped me improve the poor condition my skin was in at the time. Now, a year later, I’m in the same place writing again about this skincare range… I have to admit though that my skin is nowhere close to as bad as it was last year because I’ve learned a lot about it and what products work better with it!

Now let’s move on with the actual review…

The L’Occitane Shea Butter line addresses dry and very dry skins and it’s meant to be tolerate by all skin types, sensitive skins included. It’s an affordable and highly effective line of products which my sensitive skin seem to approve with ( or maybe my skin had recovered in the past year and stopped being so sensitive after all ) and which I’m gladly revisiting whenever I feel the need to! 


This skincare has now in the range: a makeup remover ( new in the line ), an oil cleanser ( new ), a toning lotion ( also new ) a light and more dense moisturizer, an ultra rich eye cream and a lip balm. I was more excited to try the new products, as I’ve used a couple of the old ones and really liked them.

The new L’Occitane Cleansing Milk is an excellent first step in cleansing your face daily routine. It’s a soft cleansing product enriched with shea butter and liquorice, which is known for its calming effects on the skin. It will gently cleanse your skin even of your most suborn makeup, maintaining its natural hydration.

The new L’Occitane Cleansing Oil 5% Shea Butter is a silky soft oil which works the same way all the cleansing oils do. Applied on the dry face, in contact with water it emulsifies and help you clean your face keeping it hydrated and nourished.

The new L’Occitane Gentle Toner contains no alcohol and it’s also enriched with shea butter extract and floral waters ( orange blossoms and cornflower ). It completes the makeup removing ritual, with a toning effect on the skin.


The last product I will show you in this post is the final step in any skincare routine: the face cream. This is the L’Occitane Ultra Rich 25% Shea Butter Comforting Cream. This is more of a treatment cream and it is advised to be used only for “emergencies”, when your skin is extra-dry.

It contains the highest concentration of shea butter and it was proven that it will manage to keep your skin hydrated, supple and nourished for a whole period of 72 hours. It also acts like a barrier against harsh environmental factors which might damage your skin.

Though, if you have a certain sensitivity to your skin or it’s prone to acne, keep in mind that you’d better AVOID MOISTURIZERS CONTAINING SHEA BUTTER. Yes, shea butter is a natural oil but it’s harder than most oils for the skin to break down, therefore tends to clog pores and give unesthetic whiteheads.

Overall thoughts:

I’m pleased, yet not wowed with the cleansing products. The Gentle toner tends to dry my skin a bit – so I might go back to my beloved and flawless Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Face Mist! The Comforting Cream I find it to be a bit too much at times, as I feel it just sits on my skin which might clogg my pores and cause makeup to slide. So it is definitely the one product to be used overnight! 

They do not contain alcohol, minerail oil or parabens, but they do contain PEGsfragrance  and obviously Shea Butter which can definitely act as allergens for some sensitive skins

They use natural ingredients ( see more about that here ) and they also do not test on animals! 

Have you tried any of these products yet? What are your most loved L’Occitane products?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie