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Dior does probably my favourite foundations. One of my favourite releases of last year was their Diorskin Star. So when I first blogged the upcoming release of this new foundation ( see post here ), I was already impatient, excited and intrigued… First of all because they said it was a serum foundation and second because it looked so similar to a foundation I used and loved back in 2012, the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion.


The Dior Diorskin Nude Air Nude Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation SPF 25 – PA++ is an innovation in the Dior foundation range because it’s a serum which makes it a hybrid between a makeup and a skincare product, and here is why… It’s talc-free, it’s packed with volatile plant oils, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants beneficial for your skin ( like Cranberry Oil extracts ), plus an added SPF of 25 PA++ to protect your skin against UVA and UVB radiations.


This is a lightweight foundation, with a runny consistency ( make sure you shake it well before every application* ), buildable to a good medium coverage, with a natural finish giving you that “second skin” effect.

My skin is pretty good at the moment so this one covers my redness areas, yet manages somehow to make me look like I don’t wear any makeup on, leaving my skin looking soft, smooth and silky. It literally melts into the skin and the running texture disappears, once the volatile oils in its composition evaporate.

Even if its not marketed as a mattifying product, this foundation does an excellent job at at keeping any oiliness I usually tend to get in my t-zone to a minimum level for several hours, without the need of touching up. Also, my pores seem to be less noticeable and the best thing is that once it sets, this is not one of those foundations that oxidise throughout the day.

So, my conclusion would be that it is suitable for oily skin but I definitely recommend the use of a good powder to set it! I also think this foundation would work on dry skin to… You moisturise anyway before any foundation right?! On me it doesn’t cling or emphasise any dry patches.

But again, lately thanks to my actual skincare routine, I’m lucky enough to have pretty balanced skin so the finish I get from the Dior Diorskin Air Serum gives me a velvety, yet natural matte finish ( not like the one I get from the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation ( review here ). Yes, it’s not the most buildable foundation I own, but I can definitely get a good medium coverage, and by layering it I can obtain a more opaque effect on the areas that require a bit “more effort”. And there are days when I can really get away without using  concealer!

On me it lasted all day with and without the use of a primer, only with a slight dust of powder in my t-zone, where I get a bit of oiliness throughout the day.


The application, well I’ve tried different methods with different tools. My favourite application has to be with my trusty Tom Ford #02 Foundation Brush ( previously reviewed here ) with which I go in light strokes from the center of my face where I need the most coverage towrds the outer edges. Then with my damp beauty blender ( I hope you use your beauty blender damp as well! Like this it won’t absorb product = less waste, and the blending is uniform) I smooth everything out and obtain the most natural finish ever. But don’t worry I will do a FOTD post soon using this foundation.

Besides that, I applied it with a dual fibre brush and the result was ok and with a damp beauty blender which tends to sheer this already sheer formula though! I was matched with the #010 Ivory and it is perfect! Might be a bit too pale for summer, but it gives me the occasion to use my bronzers! 

I also used my fingers but I didn’t liked the finish at all! Just me! 

To match your own foundation to your skin tone, undertones etc., read my post about the Dior Star ( review here ).

What do you think about this new formula?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie




* you might want to hold the dropper heads down and press hard while you’re shaking the bottle, and release it when done. Like this you avoid using whatever unmixed product might be inside the pipette.

image – again, I’m coming up with this pretty self explanatory picture I also used in my Dior Star Foundation review. The author of this picture is still unknown, unfortunately!