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I am no stranger from the Chanel rouges and I’m pretty sure you aren’t either… But I have to admit that, from all the lipstick lines in the Chanel beauty collection the Rouge Cocos were my least favourite.

I always found the formula to be less creamy and difficult to apply, because of its patchiness and lack of pigment. I wasn’t a huge fan of the colour palette either… And the fact that most of the shades were literally a glitter feast!… I had quite a few shades which I passed on to my mom and my friends, and I kept only one # 20 Rose Comète – which I barely use anyway!

When I’ve heard the news that Chanel is going to completely revamp the formula of these lipsticks along with their names, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best! And I was not disappointed…

The new lipstick formula it somewhere in between the Rouge Coco Shines which are one of the most loved Chanel lipsticks in my collection ( I have a full post dedicated to them, here ) and which are very shiny and lightweight and then the Rouge Allures which are quite full and opaque and tend to be quite matte ( read my thoughts on this amazing Rouge Allure in La Diva, here )…

I obviously went for a red first!


#440 Arthur is described as a “luminous red”, a medium-dark, orange-red with warm undertones and a bright, glossy finish. It has a pretty opaque coverage even on my already pigmented lips, it’s creamier that the old Rouge Cocos, which I always found a bit too dry for my liking. Maybe that’s why it glides on so evenly and smoothly. It goes on in a thin layer, a slightly translucent layer though. It is hydrating enough not to dry my lips and lasted for a good couple of hours without the need of reapplying it! It also fades in a decent manner and by the end of the day I could still see a bit of red pigment/colour stain on my lips! 


It was the only colour I wore on my lips for the few couple of days I spent in Milan last month, and I managed to get so many compliments on it!

Even if this is a gorgeous, gorgeous red, it is the type of color that is easily dupable though! There are so many easy dupes that might only vary by finish or by undertones, some being slightly more orange or blue, or by opacity… But the colour family is just up there!

Here you have some of the dupes for #440 Arthur, I already had in my collection…


Estée Lauder #330 Impassioned – previously reviewed here.

Tom Ford Matte #06 Flame – review here.

Tom Ford Lip Colour in #15 Wild Ginger – previously reviewed here.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys #33 Adriano – previously reviewed here.

Givenchy Le Rouge in #306 Carmin Escarpin – previously reviewed here.

NARS Audacious Lipstick Lana – review soon.

There are 29 vibrant shades in the hydrating new formula of Rouge Coco Lip Colour that wait to be discovered. They are named after Coco Chanel and the friends, artists and lovers who inspired her. Five colour ranges celebrate her intimate circles. Every shade tells a story… A colourful expression of Mademoiselle’s life and legend.

Have you found the shade you love yet?



See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie








  • ARTHUR, Arthur “Boy” Capel was Gabrielle’s first, one and only love and the man who helped her open her first store in Deauville! He died at a relatively young age ( 38 ), in a car crush, right before Christmas… Coco was devastated! All her bibliographers say that she never got to love another man the way she loved him! In the Rouge Coco Shines “he” is the very well known and loved shade Boy.

  • two of my favourite Chanel biographies: The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo and L’Irrégulière ou Mon Itinéraire Chanel by Edmonde Charles-Roux ( Anne, this one is for you! )

  • another recommendation: in 2009, was launched the movie Coco avant Chanel based on the L’Irrégulière ou mon itinéraire Chanel by Edmonde Charles-Roux, with Audrey Tatou playing Chanel

  • Here you have the five colour families inspired by Coco Chanel and those close to her who actually used to call her “Coco”:

  1. her LOVERS – Passion reflected by dramatic reds: #444 Gabrielle, #440 Arthur, #442 Dimitri and #446 Etienne

  2. her FAMILY – A tribute in understated nude shades: #402 Adrienne, #400 Louise#404 Julia, #406 Antoinette and #408 Jeanne

  3. her BEST FRIENDS – Celebrated by romantic pinks: #420 Vera, #422 Olga, #432 Cécile, #434 Mademoiselle, #436 Maggy and #438 Suzanne

  4. her MUSES – An homage in bright corals #410 Catherine, #412 Téhéran, #414 Sari Doré, #416 Coco and #418 Misia

  5. her favourite ARTISTS – Honored by deep plum shades: #448 Elise, #450 Ina, #452 Emilienne, #454 Jean and #456 Erik