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With the Fashion Month coming to an end, it’s time to do our balance!

I already told you what were, in my opinion, the highlights for the London Fashion Week in this post here!

The most anticipated show, again – in my opinion, from Paris Fashion Week was the Dior Pret-à-Porter A/W 2015/2016 Collection. I simply knew the makeup genius of Peter Philips will shine again! And I wasn’t disappointed!


image  – photo credit Peter Philips, Instagram

image  – photo credit Vincent Lappartient

image  – photo credit Vincent Lappartient

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The A/W Makeup Collection is called The Cosmopolite, out by the end of this Summer and here is the look he came up with after a short brief with designer Raf Simons…

image – photo credit Vincent Lappartient

image image image image

Makeup used:


The eyes were the focus of the entire look. The eyeshadows were applied wet for a more intense colour, with a shape that reminincens the animal prints you can see in the materials used by Raf for his creations.

– eye palettes used: Dior 5 Colours Eyeshadow Palette in #766 Exubérante ( new ), a palette built with 5 neutral tones with a metallic blue pop of colour and #866 Éclectique ( new ), an eyeshadow palette made with colder tones of khaki, plum, purple-red and a pop of silver at its heart

– for the lashes he used the Dior Lash Maximizer, layered  ( at least 3 layers ) with the Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black, for an increased fake lash effect.

the lashes were accentuated even more with the use of Dior Pro Liner in Black to get a very graphic eye with an animal print inspired shape.





– base/foundation Dior Diorskin Star for a flawless, luminous complexion ( full review on it, here )

– a touch of powder if/when needed Dior Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder

– blush/highlight the Cosmopolite Palette ( out this Autumn), a blush-highlight with a golden-ivory tone, to accentuate skin’s radiance even more.

image image image image image image image image

In the picture above you have the absolute new product which will launch this Autumn too. It’s called Dior Fix It and it’s part of their Dior Professional Backstage line along with the Lash Maximizer, Pore Minimizer, Glow Maximizer, the Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm and the Lip Mazimizer, previously reviewed here. It’s the combination between a balmy product and makeup product, a concealer. It can be used for the eye contour area, to diminish or cover small flaws. Peter Philips used it for touch ups over the makeup too, when he needed to cover up more the dark circles of the models. It will be available in 3 convenient shades.


he also used the new Dior Fix It, obtaining natural lips that didn’t dettract attention from the overall look.


for the nails he used 5 different nail polish shades: Nuit 1457 – a burgundy colour previously reviewed here, Cosmopolite – a rosewood shade ( new ),  Métropolis – a khaki shade ( new ), Darling Blue – a metallic blue shade ( new ) and Black Out ( new ).

image – photo credit Vincent Lappartient

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What do you think about this Dior Autumn Makeup Collection? Very Autumnal, right? Do you have your eyes on something in particular? Please share!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie




* the asymmetry in Raf Simmons’ creations was reflected in the manicure of the models as well. So, according to the model’s hand that carried the bag, they started to alternate the manicure with one hand painted in black and the other in black. Like this each girlhad a different manicure on each hand, the visual effect being a real asymmetric success.

CREDITS. The photographic material used in this post is property/courtesy of Dior, unless otherwise stated.