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I bet you’ve all heard about transitional makeup, transitional skincare… but never had the idea of thinking about a transitional perfume! I for sure, didn’t payed too much attention to the matter… until this year when we had the longest winter ever! Snow mid-April?! Seriously?!

So, I couldn’t wear my heavy winter perfumes because in my mind we should’ve had Spring weather! I couldn’t wear light floral perfumes either because, again, in my mind it was too cold for that… Until I’ve rediscovered this lovely scent by RancéRose de Rose.

It is the perfect mixture of warm and floral notes, so I think it embodies the best of both worlds!


Rose de Rose is a Floral-Oriental perfume, elegant and convincing at the same time!

It opens with gorgeous Bulgarian, Grasse and Turkish rose notes – that if you ask me, I can still sense even after it dries down and lets the sensual wooden notes combined with the most delicious, soft and creamy vanilla, rule over your olfactory senses. But before getting to that, the scented picture is completed by the most precious and pure scents of a Spring garden: jasmin from Grasse, Malaca ylang-ylang, tuberose.

The waves of scents are subtle yet strong, powerful and enticing, and they come together in one perfect perfume to create sublime olfactory sensations, vibrant yet fragile and sensual energies, that will carry you away to an unforgettable warm place, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by flowers and spices.


The 100 ml matte glass bottle is the proof of absolute elegance, the main asset of royalty. Adorned with the perfect jewels that make a gorgeous crown star, this perfume is part of a series of three perfumes Jeanne Sandra Rancé named Rance 1795 Les Étoiles Collection. Precious as diamonds the collection was created for passionate and elegant women who prefer the aristocratic style.

See you soon, beautiful!

x, Annie







–  the Rancé family has a tradition of over 200 years and 10+ generations of perfumiers

– the founder, François Rancé dedicated two of his perfumes to Napoleon Bonaperte and to the love of his life, Josephine. It was the early 1800…

– later on, François‘ son, created a perfume dedicated to Napoleon’s only son, François Charles, King of Rome and named it after him

– the street in Grasse, France where the laboratories of the company functioned, was named Rue Rancé

Jeanne Sandra Rancé is the name of the current perfumeur of the House of Rancé, heire of the Rancé empire