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I haven’t done a post on a nail polish in a while! Simply because when it comes to wearing nail polish in the colder months I’m not too creative choosing colours.

I mainly go for dark, deep reds and plums ( you can see my Autumn picks here ) and golden glitters for the Winter Holidays ( see this year’s gorgeous picks here and here ), and going on with the same themes until the weather shows me it’s finally Spring… Then I take out my lovely pastels and nudes to celabrate that! ( see some of my favourite picks here, here and here ).

The Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 Collection came out with three nail polish shades: #244 Majesty, #294 Lady and #660 Glory and a graphic Top Coat Eclosion called #001 Blossom.

image – Pinterest

My pick was #244 Majesty. It was the one that appealed to me the most because I thought it was the most particular of all the colours, the happiest and the most Spring-appropriate.

Lady is a pretty neutral shade, but I already have Incognito which is very, very similar to that ( see the review here for comparison )! I wasn’t looking for a red shade even if Glory has a lot of pink in it! As for the Top Coat, for as pretty and fun as it is I was sure that I wouldn’t reach for it too much, since I’m not too dramatic/creative ( again! ) *to be red lazy!*, when it comes to doing my nails! Plus I’m working in an environment where bright, “elaborate” nails aren’t too appreciated!

Back to Majesty now! It is a beautiful luminous peachy-pink shade with an amazing glossy finish, as all the new reformulated Dior nail polishes are.

I will have to warn you though that this is a shade that will not go opaque in just one coat. So to achieve that opaque effect on the nails I do need a good three to four coats! But I also love the semi-transparency only two coats give to the nails, as I believe it makes them look very fresh and clean! 


The new Dior Vernis formula is thicker, glossier and fast-drying.

Enriched with techno-polymers, they transform each coat of polish into a film as smooth and as shiny as glass and creates a seamless bond between the nail and the polish. The added organic silicon strengthens the nail surface for extremely long staying power. On me, Dior nail polishes last for a full week witout major chipping, just the usual washing off on the tips of the nails. Pretty good, right?! 

Also, the new formula is toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates and camphor FREE.


Mani ready, we only need Spring around here!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie