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The Vintage Vamp: Rouge, antique gold and vintage treasures. Glamorous and seductive you intoxicate with a glance.

Charlotte Tilbury

annie's beauty... CHARLOTTE TILBURY makeup

Remember that Charlotte Tilbury B-day Haul I posted a while back?!

If you remember that, then you’ll also remember that The Vintage Vamp was one of the eyeshadow palettes I got then.


Even though it’s a gorgeous palette, I find myself reaching less for it… because there’s another Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Colour-Coded Eye Shadows that always seems to steal it’s shine, The Dolce Vita ( see picture below ).

annie's beauty... CHARLOTTE TILBURY makeup

They really look pretty similar, right?! In real life they look even more similar than they look in these pictures, so for the first time I can actually say “Thank goodness, for this light I had the days I shoot these palettes and their swatches!”, because thanks to that I was able to demonstrate how similar in certain aspects these are, yet so unique and different at the same time! One has more russet-gold shades, when the other has more purple/burgundy undertones!


Now let’s get back to The Vintage Vamp!

It has been build on the same structure as all Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes. I already reviewed a few here on annie’s beauty…, if you’re interested and you want to take a look! I have The Sophisticate, The Dolce Vita and The Uptown Girl, all of them gorgeous and unique!


Yes, it is build on a square of 4 complementary colours, distributed clockwise as:

PRIME – is the shade in the upper left corner. It is a pale lavender with soft pink undertones and very fine micro shimmers. Used all-over the lid this would brighten up instantly the whole area.

ENHANCE – is the purple-plum colour I was mentioning earlier, a purple sweetened by the warmest brown undertones. I use this to add a bit of definition to my crease, then I stop there because with these two shades only I have the perfect day makeup!

SMOKE – now we’re getting to the fun part! Smoke is the deepest shade in the palette, a deep burgundy-purple that will bring your eye makeup from “Desk to Dusk”, as Charlotte Tilbury likes to say. What makes it even more particular are the multicoloured fine shimmers, that in certain light reflect gold and in other the most gorgeous and unique fuchsia, bright pink micro-shimmers.

POP – is as expected, the most spectacular of all the shades! It’s packed on with glitters, that applied on my skin tend to lean more peach than the gold, I admit, I was expecting them to. Deaspite the fact that this is a glitter shade, this feels so soft to the touch, doesn’t hurt or irritate my sensitive eyes and they apply with minimal ( to none?! ) fallout! This is how my absolute definition of “grown up glitter” sounds like!

image– swatches of The Vintage Vampimage– swatches of The Dolce Vita for comparison

Are these two eyeshadow palettes similar? Maybe… Are they different? Definitely! I see them different, but each eye catches colour in a different manner.

I think that The Dolce Vita is maybe similar in both PRIME and POP shades, even if I can clearly see that one PRIME looks more lavender ( The Vintage Vamp ) when the other transfers more of a peach, and the POP colour looks almost like a rusty bronze ( The Dolce Vita ), when the other more of a peachy-goldeny, more of a luminous glitter ( The Vintage Vamp ).

As for the ENHANCE and SMOKE, here is where I see the most significant difference! Both might look close shades to a brown-burgundy, that’s true, but the difference is clearly made by their undertones. In The Vintage Vamp the predominant undertones are purple, when in The Dolce Vita the main undertones are rusty-red-deep browns.

Don’t you agree?

Let me know what you think about this palette and about whatever Charlotte Tilbury makeup you’ve tried this far!

See  you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie






– to learn how to achieve The Vintage Vamp look, just click on this tutorial, done by the Master, Charlotte Tilbury herself.

– the formula of these eyeshadows is so silky, so creamy feeling when you touch them, even though they’re powders. Touch them blindfolded and you’ll think they are creams not powders!