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Finally! The time to write down my two-thoughts on the infamous NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer has arrived!

I have it in shade Light2 Vanilla, a shade that matches perfectly my skin tone. But you also have 10 more shades to choose from, if your skin tone is different than mine!

I love this concealer because it gives me such a flawless finish and it’s probably my most favourite concealer I own in terms of consistency as well! And if applied correctly, this won’t crease up and it will definitely hold in place for quite a long time!

It is truly opaque for the light consistency it has, which automatically means a higher coverage! And it is so creamy and easy to blend.


How I apply it:

I use it mainly on my face to cover up my redness, spots or discolouration – if I have any. For spots I use the pin-point concealing technique, as seen on Lisa Eldridge‘s countless makeup tutorials. I apply it with a smaller, more precise brush, the Hakuhodo G 5513 then blend it out with one of the eye blending brushes also from my Hakuhodo collection, the J 5533.

I prefer this type of application for under the eyes as well! I look into the mirror straightforward, identify the dark areas, then apply a tiny amount of concealer with a smaller brush and blend it out with one of my eye blending brushes! If I need more coverage, which usually doesn’t happen too often since I also have a layer or foundation that I applied previously ( lately my foundation of choice has been another NARS favourite, the All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in shade #03 Gobi), I add again a small amount and blend it!

A little goes a long way and there’s absolutely no need to pile up “industrial” amounts of product which would probably crease and slide all-over anyway and accentuate your tired features! ( read more about that in my previous post: 10 common Makeup Mistakes ).

The under-eye area is not my favourite place to apply the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer though! Because if I apply it without thoroughly moisturizing that area, it would crease in a matter of hours and settle in whatever fine lines I might have there! On covering anything else on my face, it is the best!


OVERALL THOUGHTS: light consistency with a surprisingly high coverage, creamy, blends effortlessly, matches my skin tone to perfection, more than decent staying power! 100% potential to become my holy grail concealer!

It made it to so many of my FOTDs on Instagram ( the pic below is the most recent post, from Sunday ) and here on the blog that I can’t but recommend it!


See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie

And remember!

Makeup should never hide the complexion, it should reveal who you are!

François Nars