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There’s no secret how much I enjoy using the First Aid Beauty products as part of my skincare routine lately, both AM and PM.

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As a final step in my nighttime routine, after the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum Oil I use this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.

It’s a simple, white, not too thick face cream that sinks instantly into your skin and adds such a dramatic amount of hydration to it. The result is a glowing and plumped skin in a matter of minutes! 

What else is amazing about this face cream… I discovered that it also prevents your skin from getting dehydrated, acting like a barrier that locks your skin moisture in throughout the day.


Now, I never kept a secret from the fact that I already managed to burn my face and arms, the first time I sat longer in the sunlight this year… I went fishing for a whole day and even if I did applied and reapplied sunscreen, it failed me gloriously! Being as fair as it can be I’m prone to getting sunburns and red skin rather than a beautiful, bronze goddess, flawless tan… and the minimal tan I manage to get also disappears by the end of Summer anyway!

Pont is: I got burned! What I did: I generously applied on my face the night serum from Kiehl’s and on top of that another generous amount of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, day and night and any discomfort, itchiness or redness instantly disappeared, NO peeling whatsoever! And I still have a bit of a tan… for the time being anyway!

So I definitely think that this combination worked miracles for my ( at that moment ) damaged skin and I definitely recommend both products! To be used together or separately…

In addition to my usual skincare routine, I like to throw in extra products according to whatever my skin needs at a certain moment. One of those type of products is also this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask.


It is a 10 minute mask, perfect for one of those days when your skin is red and irritated, and doesn’t want to cooperate no matter what you do… Stubborn little thing! 

So, I apply it like I do with any other mask, on freshly cleansed skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. It has a weird consistency… It sure feels like a lotion but it also has those oatmeal bits in it that makes it a bit rough! But it smells de-li-cious! Do you know the smell of a new cut-open bag of granola? That’s it! Yummy!

I leave it on for 10 minutes then I wash of any residues with a cloth and warm water! It leaves my skin glowing, while calms down and sooths my distressed skin.

As all First Aid Beauty products they are made from natural ingredients and are safe to use on sensitive skins!

What’s your favourite First Aid Beauty product! What are are your favourite skincare items/brands! What do you think I should try next?

See you soon beautiful!

xx, Annie





  • oatmeal masks are actually really good for calming down rough and irritating spots as well, and any inflammations might appear on the surface of your skin. That’s why it is recommended to add a hand or two of raw oatmeal flakes to your water when you’re taking a bath, soak in there for a couple of minutes… You’ll see results instantly!

  • you can also use the oatmeal flakes as a natural body scrub. You can use them by themselves or combined with natural oils of your choice, as a little DIY scrub. If used by themselves, just make sure you wet them before you rub your skin with them… For the obvious reasons!