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Yeah, I know! You feel free to consider me rather late to the party, but this NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita is nothing like any other nude lipstick I have tried before!!! And, let’s be honest here! It’s never too late to brag up and down about a gorgeous nude, right!?


There’s no surprise to many ( wether you’ve been following me for a while or not ) how much I love the NARS Audacious Lipsticks! They have been featured constantly in countless blog posts throughout this past year, and they were the stars of some of my most loved articles on this blog. Here you have a few, just for your entertainment:

Back to my Anita now!

Anita was a courteous gift from a lovely blogger-friend – Michelle, who was kind enough to help me get my hands on Anita and her “sister” Lana. See Lana in action here!

While Lana is a fiery-red, bada** chick, Anita places “herself” on the other side of the spectrum, playing “the good girl”… A nude, awesome everyday colour, that works amazingly worn on any occasion and with any type of makeup, from the most neutral to the most sophisticated.

Anita is described as an “antique rose”, a medium rose pink, with warm brown-ish undertones which makes it the perfect MLBB ( my lips but better ) shade – if you were looking for one!

But from all the MLBB shades of lipsticks that I have tried ( and trust me, they were more than “a few”!?!?!!!!! ), I would definitely have to recommend NARS’ Anita as a first pick!… Simply because it’s one of the most beautiful creamy, pigmented formula that literally coats your lips with the most pigmented of colours, that also lasts a very long time on your lips without drying them.

Keep in mind that all NARS Audacious Lipsticks come in that lovely creamy-matte formula, which I was astonished to discover isn’t everyone’s cup of cake!?


Here you have a swatch comparison of Anita to some other nudes in my collection.

The closest dupe to it I find to be Tom Ford‘s Collin, from the Lips & Boys Collection and Estée Lauder‘s Intense Nude, which I will review soon.

One more thing! I do love to wear Anita on its own on my bare lips and it wears exceptionally well!… But for the sake of this review and to make it look more professional, I will add that THE ONE lip liner that goes absolutely fabulous with Anita is Charlotte Tilbury‘s Pillow Talk.

This is the combination I would definitely recommend with my eyes closed… If you were on a hunt for the perfect nude lip colour, that is!

Review done! So… What were you up to lately my beautiful ones? What new discoveries you have to share with me?

Anyways, it feels so so good to be back to YOU and your complete awesomeness!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie





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